Applying to the Honors College with the Common App

When you apply to UNCW through the Common App, the menu looks like this: 

UNCW Common App menu 

 In the Questions category, you have many dropdown options. Select Academics. 


The second-to-last question in this category asks:

Honors question

"Do you have an interest in applying to the UNCW Honors College? The Honors College provides small classes, creative coursework and high access to global learning, research opportunities, and unique programming. Please visit for more information."

Select YES. Then submit your UNCW application. 

Oops--I didn't select YES. Now what? (Click Here)

The Honors College cannot admit you until after the Office of Admissions has done so. Please hold inquiries about your Honors status until after you've received an acceptance from UNCW.

The Honors College will consider your UNCW application in full. We may also contact you to provide supplemental materials, such as...

  • A letter of recommendation
  • An additional short essay about your interest in the Honors College
  • An opportunity for you to creatively show us who you are with a submission of art, writing, videography, photography, performance, or any other passion/hobby/talent you may wish to share

Please feel free to email us at with any questions. 

Best Practices for Applying to Honors as a Freshman

  • The letter of recommendation for the general UNCW application is optional, but the Honors College requires it. If you would like to be considered for Honors, it is best to submit a letter of recommendation with your general application. 
  • UNCW merit scholarships and Honors College scholarships are typically awarded on a rolling basis. Applying earlier will increase your eligibility to receive scholarships. (Please note: all Honors students are automatically considered for Honors scholarships; you do not have to fill out any additional applications.)
  • The average scores for the incoming honors freshmen of the Fall 2019 cohort were: 
    • ACT: 30
    • SAT: 1370 (verbal + quantitative)
    • GPA (weighted): 4.25
    • Most applicants have taken at least three AP or dual-enrolled classes
    • Please remember these are averages: honors students had scores both above and below these numbers. The Honors College at UNCW prides itself on a holistic approach to admissions and considers many aspects of candidates.

You cannot check your Honors College application status online. If you are uncertain about the status of your application, please contact the Honors College at 910-962-2929 or

The Honors College will e-mail periodic reminders to applicants who are missing components of their applications.

Once your complete Honors application is received, the Honors College review team will assess all of your materials. You can expect an email indicating your Honors College application decision. The Honors College decision letter and the UNCW decision letter are sent separately. Letters are sent beginning in December and continue through the spring and summer.