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Interdisciplinary and experiential seminars

Honors interdisciplinary and experiential/enrichment seminars encourage students to study a variety of topics through challenging and provocative pedagogy. Some recent interdisciplinary classes have included:

  • Design Thinking
  • Disney, Food and Self-Discovery
  • Happiness Emphasis 
  • Medical Humanities
  • The Story of Wilmington through Archives and Museums
  • Consumer Culture and Shopping Society
  • Brazilian Music in Beat and Cultural Movements
  • Science in Harry Potter
  • Amigos y Escolares
  • Bald Head Island
  • The Physics of Interstellar
  • HIV/AIDS in Culture

These courses are unique, 1-hour or 3-hour seminars with the prefix HON. How do we come up with these topics? Often it's a matter of approaching faculty and asking: "What would be your dream course to teach?" The Honors College is a place for faculty to offer courses that don't fit inside their own departments, or that draw from research too new or too specific. Oftentimes it's also an opportunity for faculty to collaborate across disciplines--such as in the last course listed above, HIV/AIDS in Culture, which is team-taught by a Biology faculty member and a Theatre faculty member.

Honors students kayak together in Iceland in 2018.

These courses often have an outside-the-classroom component. Many of our seminars are attached to a short-term (7-10 day) trip abroad at the end of the semester (such as Happiness Emphasis, which travels every spring to one of the world's happiest countries--see above in Iceland in 2018). The Bald Head Island travels to the locale of the same name each spring break to do field work. Amigos y Escolares works with elementary school ESL students to tutor and assist them with schoolwork. The Story of Wilmington travels frequently to historical sites around our city.

Interdisciplinary seminars are meant to engage you and push you outside your comfort zone, in the best way possible.

It's your story. We can't wait to help you write it.

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