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Early engagement in research

Honors students frequently get involved with undergraduate research and present at regional and national conferences for their disciplines.

The First-Year Research Experience was launched in 2018 as a program for first-year students to work one-on-one with faculty on various research projects. While not exclusive to the Honors College, many Honors students participated then and again in 2019, when we had an amazing 90+ faculty express their desire to work with first-years. That kind of faculty passion for working with students is not something you find everywhere, but it's one of the best parts of UNCW.

Whether or not a student participates in FYRE, there are many opportunities throughout a student's undergraduate career to work in labs or conduct Directed Independent Study for class credit. Some students even publish research as co-authors with faculty, either during or after their time as an undergraduate.


All Honors students complete an honors thesis during their final semesters at UNCW. This project is an independent inquiry, where students work closely with a faculty supervisor of their choice to investigate a phenomenon or problem that interests them. This project looks different in every major: It might be a survey of consumers to evaluate attitudes regarding a certain marketing strategy. It might be a data analysis of the stomach content in hundreds of flounder in water with different salinity levels. It might be critically evaluating the message and narrative in a TV show and how it impacts viewers. It might be a literary analysis of modern or classical texts. It might be the production of a film, the writing of a manuscript, or the showcase of an art exhibition. Regardless, students complete this passion project as the capstone Honors experience. It also serves as a great preparatory experience for graduate school, for those students who pursue it.

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