A faculty member and a student have a conversation, laughing.

Small classes with lots of personal attention

Connection is an important part of the Honors College experience. That's why any course you take in the Honors College will be capped at a maximum enrollment of 20 students to allow for more one-on-one engagement with the material, applied learning, and interaction with professors.

Not all your courses will be honors courses, because it's important for you to connect with students and faculty all over campus. But you'll take classes with many fellow Honors Scholars, spanning all parts of their collegiate journeys. In your first semester, you will also be assigned an Honors Mentor to help facilitate your success.

Honors Scholars also receive priority registration, meaning they sign up for classes before most other students. An Honors first-year student will have a class registration time earlier than a non-Honors senior.

Priority registration is about more than avoiding 8 a.m. classes. It makes it easier to take classes with the professors you love, to get into that course you want to take just for fun, or to work out your schedule so that you can double-major without taking extra time in school.

It's your story. We can't wait to help you write it.

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