What if I submitted my application without indicating my interest in the Honors College?

On all versions of the UNCW application, there is a question that asks: 

Honors question

"Do you have an interest in applying to the UNCW Honors College? The Honors College provides small classes, creative coursework and high access to global learning, research opportunities, and unique programming. Please visit https://uncw.edu/honors for more information."

Selecting YES places your application into the pool of prospective Honors students. 

If you accidentally selected NO, or if you have decided after submitting that you would like to be considered for Honors, please submit this interest form

Submit UNCW Honors College Interest Form

You cannot check your Honors College application status online. If you are uncertain about the status of your application, please contact the Honors College at 910-962-2929 or honors@uncw.edu.

The Honors College will e-mail periodic reminders to applicants who are missing components of their applications.

Once your complete Honors application is received, the Honors College review team will assess all of your materials. You can expect an email and/or mailed letter indicating your Honors College application decision. The Honors College decision letter and the UNCW decision letter are sent separately. Letters are sent beginning in December and continue through the spring and summer.