Gender Studies Research


The internship in Women Studies and Gender Studies, WGS 498, offers practical experience and training through a program of work and study within an agency or setting related to the student's principal area of interest. It is designed for students who wish to have WGS internship credit specifically listed on their transcripts as a way of enhancing educational or professional credentials or are interested in women's issues but whose major or minor disciplines do not offer internship credit. WGS 498 allows students to prolong their departmental internship at their site of choice and helps help prepare for a career after UNCW. Students are encouraged to take an active approach to building their professional skills.

Students interested in enrolling in the internship in Women's and Gender Studies must meet the following requirements:

  • have junior or senior standing
  • have completed a minimum of 12 hours in coursework in Women and Gender Studies or obtain consent of the Women and Gender Studies coordinator.
  • area of concentration, requirements, and means of evaluation will be defined in consultation with supervising faculty.

The steps embedded in this internship include:

  • Preparation for site supervisor review
  • Resume review before the initial site supervisor interview and at semester's end
  • Discussion on skills related to WGS, such as grant writing, educational program development and implementation, event planning, counseling practice, and data compilation.
  • Best practices in requesting letters of recommendation, in constructing cover letters and résumés, in preparing for the graduate school application, the site interview, and funding requests.
  • Mock interviews, if requested

Local sites currently approved for internships include:

Useful Resources:

For Students:

For Site Supervisors:

For more information or advising, contact:

Dr. Katherine Montwieler
Director, Women's Studies and Resource Center
Bear Hall, Room 211

Other exciting Women's and Gender Studies internship opportunities are available throughout North Carolina and the United States.