The Graduate School

2011 Convocation

Creating Tab Leaders

(Word 07)

Use the ruler bar at the top of the page. *If the ruler bar is not present. Click on the View tab and make sure that the Ruler box is checked.*

  • Right click in the ruler bar to create a left aligned tab stop. You will want to set one at 0" and 6.5".

Image of ruler bar, and two tab stops positioned at 0 inches and 6.5 inches

    • You may have to put the tab stops slightly away from the edge and then drag them to their marks.
  • Once you have created the stops, you will need to left double click on the 6.5" tab stop. This will bring up the tab stop menu.

Image of the tabe menu

  • Once the tab stop menu is open, you will need to highlight the 6.5" under the Tab stop position. Once highlighted, you will need to change the Alignment and Leader style. Alignment will be Right and Leader will be ……..(dot leaders). Once this is done, click OK.



  • When indenting the Table of Contents, use the first line and hanging indent.