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Application Steps

  • Eligibility - Review Before Starting an Application

    To be eligible for admission for graduate study at the University of North Carolina Wilmington applicants must:

    • Regionally Accredited Bachelor's Degree: Hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university in this country or its equivalent in a foreign institution (as evaluated course-by-course through a NACES approved credit evaluation service, by the first official day of classes for the term of application.

    Seven Regional Institutions Accrediting Bodies:

    Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association (NH)
    Middle States Commission on Higher Education (M)
    New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (EH)
    Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NW)
    Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges (SC)
    Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities (WC)
    Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (WJ)
    • Student Holds (Current/Previous UNCW Students):  Applicants with an application hold will not be allowed to move forward in the application process until the hold is fulfilled.  Check your SeaNet Account.

    • Grade Point Average: Have a strong overall academic record with a B average or better in the basic courses prerequisite to the area of proposed graduate study. Provisional admission may be considered by some programs. Contact the program coordinator for additional information regarding their acceptance policy.

    • Level: Graduate and undergraduate programs may not be pursued simultaneously.

    • Additional Requirements: Meet any additional admission requirement(s) as outlined by the graduate program.

    • Professional Licensure in State-Regulated Professions: State laws may require practitioners to be licensed to practice in their state. UNCW's participation in the NC-State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement has no impact on state professional licensing requirements. Thus, online and distance education students pursuing a professional program that may require state licensure to practice must contact the appropriate agency in their home state prior to beginning their program of study. UNCW cannot confirm whether a particular course or program meets the professional licensure requirement in the student's home state, other than North Carolina.
  • Create Account
    • Create one account (Click here).
    • Only create one account.  Use the same login anytime you start or continue an application.
    • An application fee is required for each submitted application.
    • Supplemental documents (e.g. essay) are added to the application after submission in the Self Service Portal.
    • If you need help resetting your graduate application password, click here.
  • Personal Information

    If you intend to work on campus or to receive financial aid, your social security number is required. It is also an excellent identifier for the Graduate School to match test scores or transcripts with your record.

    Applicants should use their full legal name on the application and include any and all previous names or name combinations. The application system will prompt you to supply this information. This ensures that all supplemental material will be matched to the proper record and the timely processing of all application materials. Many applicants do not use their full legal name, which causes delays in application processing due to information having to be confirmed by e-mail or regular mail.

  • Campus Safety Questions

    There is a series of questions on the application for admission related to safety. Every applicant must answer these questions truthfully.

    Crime and Safety Report - This report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by UNCW; and public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from campus. The report also contains institutional policies concerning campus security, such as policies concerning sexual assault, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes and other matters. A copy of the report may also be requested by contacting the UNCW Police Department at (910) 962-2222.

  • Recommendations

    Recommendations are required by some, but not all, programs. Make sure you view the Deadlines and Requirements Chart to see if your program requires recommendations.

    Recommendations are completed and must be submitted through the online application. During the application process, applicants will be prompted to enter the names and contact information of their recommenders. Once the recommender information has been saved, an e-mail notification will be sent on the applicant's behalf, prompting the recommender to complete the form. The application may be submitted prior to recommender completion. Self-monitor the progress from your online application and application checklist.

    Recommender FAQ

    My recommender has not received the e-mail with the login information. What do I do?
    Notification e-mails will indicate "" as the sender.  If the recommender's e-mail uses a spam-blocking tool, please ask them to add this e-mail address to their list of known/safe addresses. 

    • Ask that the recommender add to their safe/known recipient list.
    • Type the recommender email address to avoid the addition of invisible characters by using copy/paste.
    • Ask for a personal email address i.e. Gmail or Yahoo

    How do I change a recommender?
    As long as the recommender has not already submitted the recommendation, you may log back in to your online application choose 'cancel'. 

    May I resuse recommendations from a previous application?
    Recommendations may be reused from a submitted application (with paid application fee) for up to one academic year.

    My program only requires 2 recommendations. What happens if I list 3 recommenders?
    Listing more than the required recommendations will delay the processing of your application.

    I did not waive my right to review the recommendation?  How may I view the recommendation that was submitted on my behalf? 
    Recommendations from a submitted application (with paid application fee) may be viewed by making an appoinment to virtually meet with a member of the Graduate Admissions Team.  We are happy to meet with you virtually to review the recommendation(s) that were submitted on your behalf.  Please note that state issued photo identification is required.  

  • Test Scores

    Test scores are required by some, but not all, programs. Make sure you view the Deadlines and Requirements Chart to see if your program requires test scores.

    Test Scores dated older than five years are not acceptable. Official scores must be sent directly to the Graduate School at UNCW. Make sure to include your full name, birthdate, and gender on your test scores. Failure to do so may delay the processing of your application. If the exam will be taken at a later date ( no later than four weeks prior to the published program deadline) you may enter the date the exam will be taken and submit the application. Please note that official scores still need to be sent to the Graduate School if the exam is taken at a later date.


    MAT (PDF)




    Use keyword search "Wilmington"

  • Additional Required Documents and Forms

    Check the Application Requirements for your program of interest for any additional forms or documents required for your application. These forms must be completed and uploaded into the application PRIOR to submission.

    Choosing not to upload the proper form(s)/document(s) PRIOR to submission will delay the processing of your application.

  • Application Fee

    A $75 USD (non-transferable and non-refundable) application fee is due upon submission and is payable by MasterCard or Visa via the online application.

    Applicants will be prompted by the system to pay the application fee upon submission. Please set aside money for this requirement.

    If you are eligible for an application fee waiver , complete the proper form (including any required approvals) from the choices below and upload it into the application when prompted.

    • Active Duty Military: Click here.
    • Approved Deferment: Click here.
    • McNair Scholar: Click here.
    • UNCW Faculty/Staff or Dependent: Click here.
  • Residency Classification

    An initial residency determination is made based on responses within your application for graduate admission.

    You can apply for residency reclassification if accepted. Please note that 12 months of uninterrupted domicile in NC is typically the first requirement to be eligible for in-state consideration. The 12 months is based on the day that your reclassification application is received.

Request Official Transcripts

  • General Instructions
    • The Graduate School requires one (1) official transcript (official transcripts are received in a sealed envelope from the awarding institution or electronically delivered via an approved third party vendor) from each university, college, community college, junior college and high school dual enrollment institution attended. Transfer credit listed on another institution's transcript is not acceptable. If you do not request one (1) official transcript from each institution attended, the processing of your application will be delayed.
    • Official transcripts from each institution should be sent to the Graduate School. The only exception is study abroad credit that is transcripted (i.e., the courses and/or grades from the study abroad experience are listed) by a regionally accredited U.S. institution (i.e., you attended a short term study abroad trip and received credit at a U.S. accredited institution).
    • Transcripts may be sent and will be received by UNCW before your application is submitted. To be sure that all of your transcripts are linked to your submitted application, put your full legal name and any and all past names on your application.
    • Submit official transcripts to:

    Electronic Method (Preferred):
    Password protected transcripts may be sent directly from the institution to:

    Paper Method - Official Transcript (Envelope Sealed by the Institution):
    UNCW Graduate School
    Attn: Kimberly Goerne Harris
    601 S. College Rd.
    Wilmington, NC 28403- 5955

  • Ever Attended UNCW?

    If you have ever attended UNCW, you do not need to request a UNCW transcript, but make sure that you list UNCW as an institution on your application. The Graduate School will be responsible for obtaining that academic record (at no cost to you*), including any transfer work reflected on your UNCW transcript. However, you are required to submit official transcripts from any institution not reflected on your UNCW transcript or any institution attended after UNCW .

    * Refunds will not be issued for official UNCW transcripts that are ordered, as the Graduate School will be responsible for obtaining that academic record (at no cost to you).

    View your SeaNet transcript.

  • International Institutions
    • Do not send unevaluated foreign transcripts directly to the Graduate School.

    • Credential evaluations are not required for short-term study abroad experiences sponsored and transcripted through a regionally accredited U.S. institution.

    • All foreign course-by-course transcript evaluations should be requested from one of the evaluation companies belonging to the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).  The course-by-course credit evaluation will determine the institution accreditation, degree, credits and course equivalents earned. The evaluation should be sent directly to the Graduate School.
      NACES Members          SPANTRAN Form
      Department of State Agency Applicants (i.e.. Fulbright, AMIDEAST, Laspau, or USAID):   Certified true copies of the transcript(s) in English may be submitted electronically directly from the Department of State Agency to the Graduate School.  Original transcripts are supplied by the agency if an offer of acceptance is extended.

      International 3-Year Bachelor's Degree:  SpanTran and other NACES companies may not consider a 3-year bachelor's degree as equivalent to a 4-year bachelor's degree in the U.S. If you earned a 3-year bachelor's degree and have no other university degrees, we recommend you first reach out to the evaluation agency to see if they will typically recommend a bachelor's equivalency for your degree.

    • Electronic password protected Official Course-by-Course Evaluation  (Directly from the evaluation service):
    • Submit - Official Course-by-Course Evaluation (Directly from the evaluation service):

    UNCW Graduate School
    Attn: Kimberly Goerne Harris
    601 S. College Rd.
    Wilmington, NC 28403- 5955

Additional Information

  • Active-Duty & Veterans
    • The application fee will be waived for all active-duty personnel. Select 'Active-Duty Military' on the Program of Interest section of the application, and upload a complete application fee waiver when prompted through the online application.
    • In addition to any other non-military institution attended, have all military transcripts sent to the Graduate School.
    • Army, Coast Guard, Navy and Marine military transcripts can be requested online through JST (Joint Services Transcript). Search for UNCW Graduate School.
    • Air Force University transcripts can be requested through the Community College of the Air Force, please review the instructions here.

    Submitting Transcripts

    Submit Paper Transcripts to:

    UNCW Graduate School

    Attn: Kimberly Goerne Harris

    601 S. College Rd.

    Wilmington, NC 28403- 5955

    Electronic password protected transcripts may be sent directly from the institution to:

    To discuss or apply for veterans benefits, contact:
    Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid | (910) 962-3177 |

    For information on residency classification for active-duty military members or military dependents, click here.

  • Deferment Requests

    Approved Deferment Applicants are previously accepted Regular Term Instruction (RTI) students with an approved deferment form from the program to which they have already been accepted.

    Deferment Instructions
  • Financial Information

    Detailed financial information can be found by clicking the links below.

  • International Applicants

    Visa Sponsorship : Newly admitted students requesting visa sponsorship will be contacted by the Office of International Programs (OIP). OIP will collect the proof of financial support and supporting documentation required to issue the immigration documents. Immigration documents are not collected during the admissions process and are not required for application review.

    Language Tests: The TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo test is required for all international applicants, unless you are a Lawful Permanent Resident (green card holder), English is your native language (India, Ghana, Nigeria, etc.)*, or your baccalaureate degree was conferred from a regionally accredited U.S. institution. Standardized Test scores are official for two years; after two years they will not be considered acceptable.

    *Please contact Graduate Admissions to determine if your home country qualifies for a waiver.  





    School Code


    UNCW Graduate School UNCW Graduate School

    Minimum Score Requirement





  • McNair Scholars

    The graduate application fee is waived for McNair Scholars. Upload a copy of the McNair Scholars Application Fee Waiver Form (PDF) into the graduate application when prompted. Upload the completed form into the 'Program of Interest' section of the online application when prompted.

  • Reapplication Instructions (if previously applied to Graduate School)
    • Use your existing account to apply HERE 
    • When prompted, list specific documents to be reused from a submitted UNCW Graduate School application.
    • Note: Reusing recommendations from submitted applications older than one year or between programs is not advised and may cause unnecessary delays, including missing the program deadline.
    • Submit all application materials prior to the published program deadlines
    • Upon submission, pay the non-refundable/non-transferrable application fee 
    • Upload documents required by the program e.g. Essay
    • Meet the published deadlines
  • UNCW Faculty/Staff and Dependents

    The graduate application fee is waived for eligible UNCW Faculty/Staff and Dependents.
    Benefit Information: Click HERE
    Application Fee Waiver Form: Click HERE

Monitor Your Application Status

  • Application Checklist

    Once you have submitted your application, you can monitor the arrival of any supplemental documents on your application checklist. It is your responsibility to ensure that all application materials arrive, and to follow up with any recommenders or transcripts that are not checked off on your Application Checklist. Only complete applications are forwarded to programs for review.

    To access your application checklist:

    1. Log in to the online graduate application. Click here.
    2. Select 'View Application'.
    3. Select 'Application Checklist' and 'View your Application Checklist'.
    4. Double check your application checklist to ensure that all items have been received.
  • Application Processing

    It typically takes 10 business days for items to be processed once received by the Graduate School. Please allow a couple of days after submission for your application checklist to appear and update.

    • Add and to your safe recipient email list
  • Decision Notifications

    Decision notifications are only sent via e-mail, to the e-mail address provided in your application. When a decision has been made on your application, you will receive an email with instructions on how to view your decision letter. Decisions will not be given to you over the phone.