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Creating Committee Lines

(Word 07)

How do I enter the Committee member's names on the title page?

The committee member's names should be typed on the electronic copy of your Thesis or Dissertation. The lines should all be equal at 2.5 inches long. Examples of how to place the underlines and names can be found in the title page examples .

The easiest way to make the underlines and enter the names is to use tabs. To create the underlines using tabs, follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure that the margins are setup to the required dimensions, usually 1 inch.
  • Open the Tabs screen, by clicking on the Format tab and then on Tabs.



  • To put in the first two underlines and assuming 1 inch margins, makes your tab stops as follows: All left tab stops, 0.38", 0.75", 2.88", 3.63", 4.13", and 6.13".

*Tabs can be inserted, on a line, by right clicking on the rule bar at the top of the page. Left clicking on the bar will bring up the Tabs screen, as shown above.


The 0.75" and 4.13" tabs will be where you enter the names. This will allow you to move the names without moving the underlines.
  • Make sure the text alignment is set to left align


  • Once the tabs stops are set and the cursor is on the left margin, hit tab once.
  • Click the underline button and then hit the tab key twice.


  • Then click the underline button again to turn it off
  • Push the tab key again
  • Click the underline button to turn it on
  • Push the tab key two more times

Microsoft Word screen shot showing the tabs setup on the rule bar and two committee lines created in the page below.

You may then move the cursor back to the 0.75" tab and type in a name and move the cursor to the 4.13" tab, do not use the tab key to move the cursor, and enter the second name. These tabs can be moved left or right, using the tab field at the top of the screen, to help center the name over the underlines.