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Electronic Thesis and Dissertation

ETD Information

An electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) is an electronic document that is similar to the hard copy thesis. The electronic formatting may be similar but provides: more access to research, less expense to authors and libraries, better presentation of research, and environmental sustainability. Thesis and dissertation formatting will be similar to Virginia Tech ETD samples. The thesis/dissertation committee and the program will be the responsible parties for determining what is acceptable for your thesis.

Electronic thesis and dissertation submission has been required since Spring 2003. Total electronic thesis and dissertation submission is required starting Spring 2008. Students may also submit material that cannot be incorporated in an electronic document as part of the thesis or dissertation (as an example - a piece of sculpture for a studio art degree).

Copyright Information

You own the copyright to your ETD without taking any formal action. You also have the option of formally registering your copyright for $30 directly with the U.S. Copyright Office. Dissertation authors have the option of having UMI/ProQuest register the dissertation for $45.

Thesis and Dissertation Information

The graduate school now requires an electronic searchable PDF version of your thesis or dissertation. The graduate school DOES NOT require hard copies of your thesis or dissertation; however your program may require a hard copy for program purposes.

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