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Information for Graduate Coordinators

In general, the graduate coordinator is the faculty member assigned by the dean or department chair to oversee the administrative aspects of a graduate program within the college/school or department. As a rule, coordinators will be current members of the graduate faculty and thus have a terminal degree in the discipline. As a graduate coordinator, you are the liaison between the graduate program and the Graduate School. You will be assisting with admissions, current student issues, registration, program changes, degree audits and graduation.

  • Admissions
    Application Process:

    All applicants create an account and submit an application through our online system, Radius. The application does not have to be completed in one sitting.


    • The Deadlines and Requirements Chart lists the admission requirements and deadlines for each program. 
    • AppReview - Programs will review applications and convene with the admission committee within the college/school.
    • Programs will decision applications for admission through AppReview.
    • Application decisions are typically made by the program within 10 business days.
  • Advising
    • Assist in advising new and current graduate students.
    • Graduate students do not need or have registration PINs
  • Assistantships/Remission/Scholarships & Fellowships

    The Graduate Coordinator is Responsible for making selections on which students will be received assistantship, scholarship and fellowship funds. Some duties below are handled by department admin's.


    At the beginning of each academic year, the coordinator should send a request for additional assistantships to the Graduate School Dean.

    The graduate coordinator will:

    • Oversee and approve preparation of HR 1.35 (forms for paying graduate students flat rates) and HR 1.60 for paying graduate students hourly rates.
    • Oversee and approve graduate assistantship agreements for all assistantships.
    • Enter in new or updated employee update request form, if required.


    Graduate Student Affordable Care Act Policy (Regarding Work Hours)

    Out-of-State Tuition Remissions

    • Out-of-State tuition remissions pay the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition for non-resident students.  These funds are allocated to the programs by each college, and coordinators are responsible for deciding which non-resident students should be awarded these funds.  Remissions cover tuition only, they do not cover student fees.

    Student qualifications:

    1. Out-of-state student
    2. Has a graduate teaching or research assistantship
    3. Is making at least $2,000.00 for the academic year

    The Graduate School has several scholarships and fellowships for graduate students.

    Scholarships and Fellowships

    The Graduate School has several scholarships and fellowships for graduate students.

  • Curriculum

    Curriculum changes are processed one year in advance to give time to update the Graduate Catalogue and Banner before students begin the preregistration process. The current processes, forms and deadlines can be found on our curriculum request page.

  • Enrollment Management
  • Forms
  • Graduation

    Degree seeking and certificate students must apply for graduation in SeaNet. Deadlines and instructions for applying are on the Graduate School graduation website.

    Assist in clearing students for graduation.
    • Review graduate student degree audits
    • Submit degree substitution/waiver forms
    • Notify Graduate School when students have completed exit requirements, ie., comprehensive exams, capstone, portfolio, defense, etc.
  • Internships

    Several programs offer students the opportunity to earn academic credit in a work environment. The purpose of the internship experience is to provide students the opportunity to integrate practical experience with classroom learning.

  • Program Reviews
  • Registration


  • Reports
    • Reporting is available in the coordinator folder in the SSRS Graduate School reporting website.
    • Report requests can be made to Nick Davis ( for reports that do not currently exist.
  • Student Travel

    The Graduate School funds travel opportunities not otherwise available to graduate students. These monies are designed to reward excellence in scholarship and increase the visibility of UNCW's graduate programs and research. Travel grants support student presentations of original, creative research or projects at conferences. Funds are limited and guidelines are strictly enforced. In the event of limited funds, preference is give to applications from students beyond their first year of graduate study who did not receive a travel award the previous year.

    • Report requests can be made to Nick Davis ( for reports that do not currently exist.
  • Thesis and Dissertation

    Students in a program that require a thesis or dissertation

  • Transfer Credit
  • Petitions