The Graduate School

How to Check Your Graduate School Application Processing Status

  1. Click HERE to log into your online graduate application
  2. Choose the 'Applications' tab
  3. Choose 'Summary' to view requirements checklist
  4. Status of Submitted/Not Process indicates that the Graduate School has not processed supplemental items
  5. Status of Submitted/Missing Items indicates that supplemental items are missing to complete your application
  6. Choose 'Upload' to upload documents that are not Pending Review, Received or Waived
  7. Recommendations may be cancelled to add an alternate or an invitation may be resent to current recommenders
  8. Click HERE if you need help resetting your password
  9. Review the requirements checklist to ensure that all items have been processed
  10. Email to research any discrepancies
Please note that it may take up to 5 business days for items to be processed by the Graduate School.