Amaya De Vleeschauwer ’16

When Amaya Vleeschauwer ’16 first came to Wilmington from Germany, she fell in love with UNCW and the city of Wilmington itself. She was inspired by the rich local history, the proximity to beautiful beaches and a campus that made her feel connected to it all.

“I had the most amazing time while attending college,” she said. “I enjoyed the togetherness, openness and how welcome everyone made me feel.” Vleeschauwer graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies. She relished learning from a department that covers a range of job opportunities, and she feels prepared to take on the real world after graduation.

Following graduation, De Vleeschauwer plans to continue to work for Art Vibes and Fashion, a company that provides independent artists, musicians and designers with jobs within the first 10 years of their career. Hoping that AV+F will sponsor her work visa so she can stay in the United States, Vleeschauwer intends to work with the AV+ F team as long as she can because she supports their goal in offering artists a platform to be seen, heard and appreciated.

Although she earned her degree in communication studies, art is her true passion. “The more art I see out in the world: dancing, music, paintings, graffiti and anything that inspires people – that fuels my motivation” she said.

Vleeschauwer will continue to balance art and professional communication to shape her future. She said her classes taught her how to confidently communicate with companies, and they prepared her for the career path she chose.

“The communications department has influenced my experiences so much that I have no fear of speaking in front of an audience or how to market myself in order to pursue my career. Not only did they prepare me for interviews and the appropriate language to use, but UNCW provided many networking events,” she said. “UNCW means memories to me. I am very lucky to have had an amazing experience in the department that I chose, and will continue to experiment more in the future of this field.”

-- Lauren Henderson 15