Seahawk Stories

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Lilia Aghzafi ’16

Lilia Aghzafi obtained her Bachelor of Science in business administration from UNCW in 2016. A transfer student from the United Kingdom, she embraced the Seahawk way of life and found that UNCW provided her with tools to pursue her dreams. (more)

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Varsha Kumar ’18

Moving overseas at 18, Varsha Kumar ’18 had to learn how to adjust to a new place and culture. She lived most of her life in India, but after traveling for six months following high school graduation, Kumar had her sights set on UNCW. (more)

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Aleksandr Ringkjob ’19

Brazilian transfer student Axel Ringkjob ’19 came to UNCW not just to study, but to find a new place to call home. His time at UNCW has allowed him to grow as a student and as an active member of the university community. (more)

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Amaya De Vleeschauwer ’16

When Amaya Vleeschauwer ’16 first came to Wilmington from Germany, she fell in love with UNCW and the city of Wilmington itself. She was inspired by the rich local history, the proximity to beautiful beaches and a campus that made her feel connected to it all. (more)

China Flag

Yuanfeng Zhou ’19

When Yuanfeng (Vivian) Zhou ’19 left the city lights, 24 million people and authentic Chinese cuisine in Shanghai, she was entering her junior year at Apex High School in Apex, North Carolina. Now, as a degree-seeking international student at UNCW, Zhou has found her own piece of home right here in Wilmington. (more)

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Aleksandr Zykov ’18

Aleksandr Zykov ’18 experienced a stark contrast in educational systems when he transferred to UNCW. As an international student from Russia, he was used to a pre-determined, fixed course load, but at UNCW he was able to expand his horizons by taking a wide range of classes. His time at UNCW has taught him how to be open to more cultures, religions and people. (more)

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Jatu Nugrohorukmi

Master of coastal and ocean policy student Jatu Nugrohorukmi starts his day with a cup of coffee, some fresh Wilmington morning air and a detailed plan of the day’s upcoming tasks. (more)

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Anis ’18

As part of the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in Pakistan, Anis ’18 had no idea where he would be sent to study in the United States for the spring 2017 semester(more)

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Hendra Sihaloho

When Hendra Sihaloho left for Wilmington, North Carolina from his home in Indonesia, his wife had recently given birth to their first daughter. (more)