Aleksandr Ringkjob ’19

Brazilian transfer student Axel Ringkjob ’19 came to UNCW not just to study, but to find a new place to call home. His time at UNCW has allowed him to grow as a student and as an active member of the university community.

“My experiences at UNCW have, without a doubt, made me a better person,” he said. “They have made me more responsible, studious and, most importantly, broad-minded.”

Seeing things from different perspectives has helped Ringkjob understand that anyone can shape their destiny. This is why he believes putting significant effort into pursuing his dreams is one of the most important aspects of his life. Attending UNCW is one of his dreams.

Ringkjob stresses how important finding friends and being social is to the college experience. He said his most memorable moments at UNCW happen when he steps into a classroom for the first time and sees people he has never met before with the knowledge that, even though everyone’s story is different, everyone is a potential friend.

“They can introduce you to different things inside UNCW,” he said. “They can be part of a very important network you can use in the future.” Other people not only broaden horizons, but make the tough times easier to bear, especially for international students who are not only in a new social environment, but a new country altogether. To me, UNCW is a place that you can call home,” Ringkjob said. “A place where people will always help you with anything that you need, where all the students are members of a single family.”

Ringkjob strives to make his family proud. He believes his parents’ sacrifice to bring him to the United States is the fuel that keeps him going when times are tough or when he is homesick. UNCW has become a kind of surrogate family for Ringkjob, giving him the tools to learn and achieve his goals.

Although he hasn’t decided what his plans are for after graduation, he knows UNCW has prepared him to face them head-on.

-- Lauren Henderson '15