Jatu Nugrohorukmi

Master of coastal and ocean policy student Jatu Nugrohorukmi starts his day with a cup of coffee, some fresh Wilmington morning air and a detailed plan of the day’s upcoming tasks. He makes a list of journals to read, assignments to complete and new places to go exploring in Wilmington. 

Before traveling to the United States to become a graduate student, Nugrohorukmi had been working for several years. After five years at Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Nugrohorukmi decided he needed to pursue higher education in order to support his work. After receiving a scholarship from USAID_PRESTASI and the Indonesian government, Nugrohorukmi said he had the chance to apply to and attend some of the most prestigious universities in the United States. But for him, the choice on where to attend for his master’s program was an easy one. 

“UNCW’s program offers me the opportunity to study coastal environmental issues and resources management practices, as well as how to create effective policy to support sustainable development,” he said. 

According to Nugrohorukmi, UNCW’s master of coastal and ocean policy program is unique, because not many American universities offer a program that combines environmental and policy science. Beyond just a desirable location and a chance to further his knowledge in his field, Nugrohorukmi also appreciates studying in the United States for a chance to broaden his worldview and make educational and professional connections on an international level. The chance to study in a foreign country also helps Nugrohorukmi strengthen his English, which will be a vital skill once he returns to his position at the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in Indonesia. He is also intrigued by Wilmington’s marine ecosystem, its potential as well as the challenges it presents for coastal management. And with UNCW’s unique program and position also comes a rich and supportive faculty, for which Nugrohorukmi is grateful. 

I’ve received so much help from my academic advisor Jennifer Biddle and my Master of Coastal and Ocean Policy program coordinator Dr. Jessica Weinkle,” he said. 

Beyond academics, Nugrohorukmi enjoys the social scene at UNCW, traveling the short distance to the beach from where he lives. He takes part in campus-sponsored, non-academic activities such as movies shown in Lumina Theater and art performances in Kenan Auditorium. Nugrohorukmi enjoys the other students he encounters, both American and international.  

But mostly, he enjoys exploring Wilmington and taking photographs of what he sees. He hopes to become even more involved in the university in his years to come by joining volunteer groups and, he hopes, a photography club. 

-- Caitlin Taylor ’18M