General Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Our department has received a check for another department. May I send it through the campus mail?
A. Checks of any kind are not to be sent through campus mail. Hand-carry to the department, or call and have the department send someone to pick up the check.

Q. Where do I find the journal entry form?
A. The electronic journal entry form is located on the General Accounting website under "Forms"

Q. What fields must be completed to process the journal entry?
A. The fund number, account number, amount, D or C indicator for debit or credit, and a description (limited to 35 characters). A more detailed explanation MUST be included in the Explanation field above the journal entry. The Preparer must print and sign his/her name and the Budget Authority must also sign the hard copy. The Preparer and the Budget Authority cannot be the same person.

Q. Does the journal entry need backup documents?
A. Yes, all entries must have supporting documentation sent with the hard copy of the journal entry.

Q. What kind of backup needs to be attached when a credit is to an expense line?
A. A copy of FGITRND showing where the original entry is posted.

Q. What kind of backup needs to be attached when a debit is to a transfer line (98846x)?
A. A copy of FGITBAL showing funds are available in the fund you are transferring out of.

Q. Who is the Budget Authority?
A. The budget authority is the person that is responsible for the fund. Any one of the two or three people listed on FTIFATA is acceptable.

Q. How do I forward the journal entry to General Accounting for processing?
A. The electronic journal entry must be emailed to In the same email, along with the Excel version of the journal entry form, you must also attach a .pdf file containing approvals and all backup. This .pdf document is exactly what you previously would have sent in form of a hard copy via interoffice mail to General Accounting. You can view step-by-step instructions on the new, all electronic journal entry process here.

Q. What if there is incorrect information on the journal entry?
A. As soon as the preparer realizes there is a mistake on the journal entry, contact Karen Headrick at ext 2-3150. If General Accounting finds a mistake, they will contact the preparer. Once the journal entry has been revised, the updated Excel form and .pdf backup must be resubmitted to the iinbox, noting "Revised" in the subject line.

Q. When does the journal entry need to be in General Accounting to be processed for the current month?
A. For journal entries that cross funds, the complete and correct journal entry must be received in the inbox four days prior to the last business day of the month. For journal entries that do not cross funds, General Accounting must receive the email with required documentation three business days prior to the last working day of the month.

Q. How do I know if the journal entry has been processed?
A. Go to FGIBDST in Banner and key in the fund and account number. Click "next block" and highlight the account number line. Click on Related and then Transaction Detail Information. You should see the journal entry transaction posted. If it has been more than a few days since you submitted the journal entry to General Accounting and you don’t see the transaction on FGIBDST, contact Karen Headrick at

Q. Can an IDI be reversed if a department is not satisfied or other arrangements have been made?
A. Yes. A journal entry can be done referencing the IDI number and the reason for reversal. Include a screen print from FGITRND showing the posting of the IDI.

Q. Can you transfer funds on an IDI?
A. No. IDIs are used to bill for goods or services only. Transfers of funds are done via journal entry.

Q. Does the entire FOAP need to be on the IDI?
A. No. Only the fund and account need to be present. Banner will automatically populate the org and program code.

Q. What is the deadline to have IDIs processed within a particular month?
A. Same deadlines as journal entries. They are posted on the General Accounting website homepage.

Q. Who do I contact for general information about journal entries and IDI’s?
A. Contact Karen Headrick, ext 23150 or email

Q. How do I establish a new Banner fund?
A. The Banner Fund Establishment process is a workflow. Start by completing the Banner Fund Establishment form found on the Controllers website Send the completed form as an email attachment to the Budget Authority listed in email1. That person will sign electronically and click on the "Click Here to Submit" button. This drops the form into an ImageNow workflow queue that routes the form through various approval steps before being set up in Banner. When the fund has been set up, the Budget Authority listed as email1 will receive an email with the fund number.

Q. Who do I contact with a question about establishing a new Banner Fund?
A. Any questions regarding the establishment or maintenance of a Banner fund should be directed to Joanne Ferguson at or ext. 23647.

Q. I have a payment for an external invoice, what do I do with it?
A. Hand deliver the payment to Accounts Receivable/Billing in the Administrative Annex, 2046-N or 2046-M.

Q. Where do I get published Financial Statements?
A. The most recent financial statements are posted on the Controller’s Office website under the Financial Statements link:

Q. Who do I contact about Moving Expense reimbursement questions?
A. Contact Tax Accountant, Lisa Eakins, at or ext. 22757

Q. Who do I contact to obtain a Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number) for UNCW?
A. Contact Tax Accountant, Lisa Eakins, at or ext. 22757

Q. How do I electronically sign a PDF document containing a signature field?
A. Click on the signature field or click the pen icon in the toolbar that says "sign" and choose "sign document". Then follow the on-screen instructions to apply your digital signature.

Q. How do I electronically sign a PDF document without a signature field?
A. Click the pen icon in the toolbar that says "sign" and choose "place signature" to sign the document. Draw a box with a left mouse click where you want the signature to appear on the document. Follow the on-screen instructions to apply your digital signature.