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Our office has put together this list of resources to better assist our students. If you feel there is something missing from this page, please feel free to contact our office.

You can either use the buttons to take you directly to a section of this page or feel free to explore all of our resources. 


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The Office of Student Leadership & Engagement revises our handbook annually to ensure all policies, best practices and recommendations align with University policy and national organization expectations. You can find the latest version of the handbook by clicking the button below. 

 Click Here to Access the Latest Handbook


Roster Management

It is the responsibility of the chapters to maintain an accurate and up to date roster with the University. Rosters are used throughout the year to assist in calculating chapter size, planning of community wide programs, generating academic reports and more. Rosters should be finalized no later than November 15th for the Fall semester and April 15th for the Spring semester. Any changes after those dates may not be reflected on end of the semester reports. 

To assist our chapters with roster management, our office has created a video walking through the WaveLink roster system.

A Guide to Managing Your Roster


Officer Update Form

Immediately following officer transitions, chapters should submit an Officer Update Form via WaveLink. This is to ensure that the staff and councils are communicating with the correct officers. Before you begin filling out the form, make sure you have the name, phone number and email address for the following positions: President, Vice President, Risk Management Chair, Social Chair, Recruitment Chair, New Member Educator, Philanthropy Chair, Community Service Chair, Academic Chair, Secretary and Treasurer/Finance Chair. 

Keep in mind, the titles that we use are generic and may not exactly match the titles within your organization. Please supply the officer information that best fits the requested information. 

 Click Here to Access the Officer Update Form


Individual Officer Update Form

 This form is used when a chapter is only updating the contact information for four or less of their officers. Before you begin filling out the form, make sure you have the name, phone number and email address for the officer. 

Click Here to Access the Individual Officer Update Form


NPHC Intake Guidelines

This document includes the necessary policies and forms needed for an NPHC chapter to notify the University of their intention to perform Intake during the semester. It is the chapter's responsibility to submit all forms on time and the University will provide a calendar showing to assist with tracking of all paperwork. 

Click Here to Access the NPHC Intake Guidelines

 Event Planning Guide

This document is designed to help students plan out their events from the intial idea all the way through the post-event evaluation. Our hope is students use this resource to think through all aspects of event planning so they can have quality events which can occur annually. 

Click Here to Access the Event Planning Guide

Community Report

Scholarship is one of the four pillars of the UNCW Fraternity and Sorority Community. As such, we feel it is important to be transparent in regards to our chapters academic performance. We have provided the two most recent community reports below. To look at community reports for the last several years, click HERE.   

Buttons to access our different community reports

 Fall 2019 Community Report

 Spring 2019 Community Report 

NOTE: A Community Report was not created for the Spring 2020 semester due to the pass/fail option offered to students due to COVID-19. This aligns with the University decision to not create a Dean's List for the semester.

Health & Safety

 As the chapter plans events for the semester, such as a retreat, philanthropy event or social, the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement encourages you to review your own chapter's risk management plan, to know and understand University and State laws/policies, and to review the resources provided by your national organization and national umbrella. 

Recommended Guidelines for Fraternity and Sorority Use of Alcohol 

Social Event Registration Form

Fraternity and Sorority Guest List Submission


Virtual Engagement

 Our office has pulled together several resources to assist with the adjustment of moving our fraternity and sorority operations to a virtual format. We encourage you to visit our Virtual Engagement page for ideas and suggestions on how you can continue to be effective in organizational operations while we are unable to gather together in person. 

Virtual Engagement Resources


Additional Resources


We wanted to provide you with some additional resources both internal and external to campus. If you feel we are missing any resources, please let us know at

Off-Campus Fraternity and Sorority Resources

Off-Campus Fraternity and Sorority Resources

 A website full of Hazing Prevention resources including activity alternatives. Visit Their Website!

National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO)

 The umbrella organization for latino fraternities and sororities. Alpha Psi Lambda belongs to this organization.  Visit Their Website!

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

 The umbrella organization for historically black fraternities and sororities. All of our National Pan-Hellenic Council chapters belong to this organization.  Visit Their Website!

National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)

 The umbrella organization for women's social sororities. All of the chapters within the Panhellenic Council belong to this organization.  Visit Their Website!

North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC)

 The umbrella organization for men's social fraternities. Most of the Interfraternity Council and a few of our National Pan-Hellenic chapters belong to this organization. Visit Their Website!

Phired Up

 A fraternal growth company that supports all types of fraternities and sororities in recruiting, retaining and growing their members. They offer free resources to all students and have a blog to dive deeper into various issues faced by chapters across the country. 

Visit Their Blog!

Check Out Their Free Resources!


University Provided Resources

University Provided Resources

Career Center

 Our on-campus comprehensive career counseling and resource center dedicated to empowering students and alumni.  Visit Their Website!

Counseling Center

 Provides a broad range of psychological, counseling, and educational services that facilitate the personal and academic success of students.  Visit Their Website!

Office of the Dean of Students

 Committed to advocacy and education centered on student growth and self-responsibility.  Visit Their Website!

University Learning Center

 Offers high-quality individual, small-group and large-group student-centered and student-led learning.  Visit Their Website!