From: Lugo, Gabriel
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2014 4:32 PM
Cc: Lugo, Gabriel; Battles, Denise A.; Sederburg, Bill
Subject: Senate Meeting on Sept 23rd


Dear Senators.


Two items for the meeting of the Faculty Senate on September 23.


1.       Policies of Academic Freedom and Tenure


The main subject of the  Senate meeting on September 23rd  are the  Policies of Academic Freedom & Tenure. (Copy included in pdf format for convenience.)

The black font part of the document enclosed represents the version passed by the senate last Fall after considering the recommendations of the ad hoc RTP committee, the recommendations of departments and the recommendations of the Provost/Deans.


After being approved by the senate, the document was sent to AA for consideration and it was rejected, hence it is back at the senate floor with the red edits from Provost/Deans.


The major items noted by AA are


         The probationary period would be changed from 2 years to 5 years � i.e., you have to be at UNCW at least 5 years to get tenure and a promotion. (Page 4)

         Delete: �A faculty member may be promoted at any time.�  (Page 6)

         The RPT Committee should only consist of full professors. (Page 7)

         Handling of unsolicited information in the RTP process (Page 8)

         Lack of clarity on appeals of cases of promotion cases (Page 11)


It is advisable that your departments be very well informed of this item in the agenda. A copy of the document was sent to all chairs at the beginning of the academic year.


2.       Chancellor�s Search


For lack of another opportunity, the Steering committee will seek input on desired qualities of a chancellor to recommend to the BOT/search committee.  I have placed at the SharePoint site a folder titled Leadership Statements. This folder contains the senate recommendations for the previous search, the actual statement adopted , as well as recent Leadership Statements for searches at other UNC campuses.


Kinds regards,



Gabriel Lugo, PhD

President of Faculty Senate

Department of Mathematics and Statistics