Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

Sept. 9, 2014

2:00 pm � 4:00 pm

EB 162


Quorum confirmed.  Senate President Lugo residing.  Meeting called to order at 2:04


I.                    Encouragement from Dr. Michelle Scatton-Tessier, co-chair of the 2014-2015 Faculty-Staff Campaign, to consider the importance of the campaign and our contributions to it.


II.                  Special order of the day:  Election of Senate Officers

a.       Jimmy Reeves was elected Vice President.

b.      Carol Pilgrim was elected Secretary.

c.       Carrie Clements, Steve Meinhold, Mark Spaulding, and Aaron Wilcox were elected Steering Committee members.


III.                Individual Reports


a.       Terry Ismert, Chair of the Staff Senate

         Staff Senate has been busy building their priority list for the Chancellor�s attention.

         Applications are being accepted for scholarships for staff and family members (up to $750 twice a year).  A website has been developed to help direct options.

         Staff Senate is working to form a coalition with faculty (via the Faculty Senate) and students (via SGA) to work toward solutions for issues we hold in common.  Examples include:  waiving fees for faculty and staff to use the Rec Center (confirmed for 2014-2015 by Vice Chancellor Leonard), and an upcoming food drive in February.

b.      Chancellor Sederburg (awarded an honorary, slightly used, CAA baseball by President Lugo)

         Thanks to Senators for contributing to shared governance.

         Brief bio.  Be on the lookout for Zac.

         This is not a broken campus, but the Chancellor has been asked to work on a few issues including:  governance, trustees, administrative issues, and re-establishing our sense of direction.  We need to return to our roots as a student-centered university, with the faculty scholarship that accompanies that. 

         Toward that end, the Chancellor will be establishing a Leadership Council, and plans to hold a series of fora.  The first will be on Sept. 17 at 8:30 a.m. and will focus on budgeting and Athletics.  There will be a forum focused on each of the Colleges so that we can learn about each other.

         Chancellor Sederburg is open to questions and will meet with those who wish.

c.       Provost Battles

         Thanks to all for participating in shared governance.

         We have a class of high-quality incoming students, approaching 14,000, with approximately 1600 graduate students.

         There are continuing initiatives, including:  Undergraduate Student Success, and Faculty Roles, Responsibilities, and Rewards (F3R).  We should expect to receive a survey on the latter from the F3 Committee, chaired by Mark Galizio and Kathy Browder.

         A new initiative will include focus on Post-tenure Review, as UNCW is currently out of alignment with GA requirements.  James Hunt and Dean Charlie Hardy will chair this committee.

         Dean Hardy will also be chairing the Search Committee for a new Dean of the Cameron School.

         Welcome to David Ulaszek, new Assistant Vice Chancellor for Resource Management in AA.


Chancellor Sederburg announced that there will be an upcoming reception at Keenan House for Senators and Trustees.


Questions from the floor:

         Is AA reviewing credit hour production of individual faculty?

Answer (McFarland) � Credit hour production is reviewed only at an aggregate level.

         How is 3R different from recent Senate work on RPT?

Answer (Battles) � These efforts are not duplicative at all.  3R is looking to review workload assignments, goal setting, and alignment of workload to rewards, of which RPT is only one piece

         Will the 3R result in general guidelines for Chairs to follow, or standardized rubrics?

Answer (Battles) � Committee recommendations are still to be determined, but she anticipates broad parameters, based on best practices.

          Has the committee been in touch with department Chairs?

Answer (Battles) � Yes, and data are still being collected


d.      Senate President Lugo

         Regarding the Chancellor Search, he requested and is encouraged that there will be more faculty input than previously, with five rather than four faculty representatives (two from CAS, and one from each of the other Colleges).  He has also made clear to the Board of Trustees that we would like the final three candidates to come for campus visits; there seems to be concern that this could discourage some candidates.  We still believe that campus visits will be important.

         President Lugo presented his model of the New Teal Experience, emphasizing correspondence between the peaks of student experiences and combined University Studies/eTeal efforts, as determined by the work of the Faculty Senate.

         Our transition to IDEA had a bumpy start, but the additional support needed to help make the system work has been recognized and there will be a new hire toward this end.  Faculty should remember to fill out their course forms and should have their students complete the evaluations in the classroom if at all possible. 

         Faculty should be aware of, and use, the Senate Sharepoint site that houses all Senate documents, providing for stronger continuity of Senate business.  This includes all RPT documents.

         Senate will be working on RPT and on our policies on Academic Freedom and Tenure again, as last year�s Senate report has been returned by AA.

         We will also be working on our PTR policies, as we must be compliant with new rulings by the Board of Governors.  The Faculty of all 16 campuses protested the new BOG policies, but we lost.  Dean Hardy will lead our compliance efforts.  President Lugo recommends that we comply but no more, and that we use our new policy as a tool to protect our tenure process. 

         Attention was called to the Senate Primer for new Senators.

         President Lugo recommended our continued focus on The Main Point ( * ), which is, conveniently, the keyboard symbol for 42,  the answer to the meaning of life.  You can look it up.


IV.                Committee Reports


a.       Faculty Welfare Committee

         Offers Motion 2014-09-MO1 to bring the UNCW workload policy statement into compliance with GA policies for Masters Comprehensive Universities.

         Mark Galizio and Kathy Browder, co-chairs of the Faculty 3R Task Force, reviewed the work of that group, as it may seem to bear on the issue.  The Task Force was charged with reviewing compliance issues, providing a snapshot of current practices, and developing a model for faculty workload assignments with a link to possible rewards.  They emphasized the need for flexibility given current variations across campus, and also the need to have policies that are fair, in compliance, and defensible.  There is a current problem and thus a need to reflect accurately and completely everything that faculty do.  Faculty will have the opportunity for input via an upcoming survey.

         There were questions about the Motion not addressing variations for some faculty (e.g., full-time lecturers).  The sentiment is that the policy statement provides foundational guidelines, but there is still room for individual differences.

         The Motion passed 49-1.

b.      Steering Committee past

         Proposes that the Senate meet twice a month until work on the ad hoc RTP report is completed.  The extra meetings would be held on the dates posted for Steering Committee meetings.

         If a Senator cannot be present, our policies allow for a substitute individual, who can vote.

         The Motion passed 32-18.


V.                  For the Good of the Order


a.       At the next Senate meeting, President Lugo will present a draft of a list of qualities sought in the new Chancellor

b.      Regarding Faculty Governance, there have been important recent problems, particularly in selection of a new CIO with no input from the Senate.  Vice Chancellor Whitfield has agreed to conversation on this issue. In looking forward, we need to take steps to ensure that similar actions do not happen again.  Considerable applause from the floor ensued.

c.       President Lugo recommends improved landscaping at CREST, if it is to attract appropriate occupants.

d.      A search is in progress for position to support IDEA.


VI.                A Motion to adjourn passed at 3:55 pm.