Facilities Administration

Meet our Staff

Sharon Baucom

Sharon Baucom
Director - Facilities Administration
Phone: 910.962.3562

Email: baucoms@uncw.edu
  • Facilities Finance, Budget and HR
  • AiM System Processes & Training
  • Work Control Administration, Data Integrity & Inventory Control
  • Forecasting/Planning/Financial Support for Operations

Terry Blake

Terry Blake
Utilities & Billing Coordinator
Phone: 910.962.3622

Email: blaket@uncw.edu
  • Billing for Work Orders, Projects, Garage and Construction Services
  • Meter Reading, Billing and Reconciliation for Utilities
  • Gas and Fuel Procurement
  • Trash Removal Coordination


Ellen Boyd
Asst Director - Facilities Admin Work Control & Service Contracts
Phone: 910.962.7519

Email: boyde@uncw.edu
  • AiM Work Control training
  • Customer Service
  • WORKS Coordinator
  • UNCW Hospitality Property Maintenance Management
  • Service Contract Manager

Leslie Sims

Leslie Sims
Work Control Coordinator
Phone: 910.962.3101

Email: simsl@uncw.edu

  • Work Control & Customer Request processor
  • Contracted Services Liaison (pest control & elevator service)
  • Dig Permits
  • Key Track Management & Service
  • On-Call Schedule Management

Serinda Moulton

Serinda Moulton
Work Control Coordinator
Phone: 910.962.7180

Email: moultons@uncw.edu

  • Work Control & Customer Request processing
  • Dig Permits
  • Key Track Service
  • Check Request AiM posting & processing
  • Service Contract AiM posting

Donna Chi

Donna Chi
Business Officer
Phone: 910.962.3010

Email: chid@uncw.edu
  • Systems Accounting
  • Business Process Analysis and Design
  • Business Project Management
  • Financial Analysis/Decision Support
  • Fixed Assets Inventory Administration

Crystal Flynn

Crystal Flynn
Procurement Coordinator
Phone: 910.962.3879

  • Lead uShop Requestor/ Receiver/Invoices

Allyson Hardison

Allyson Hardison
Facilities Store Manager
Phone: 910.962.2046

Email: davisak@uncw.edu

  • Procurement manager for M&O
  • Physical Inventory lead for Store and Trade Shops
  • AiM Inventory Management

Clete Hayes

Clete Hayes
Systems Operations Manager
Phone: 910.962.3868

Email: hayesl@uncw.edu
  • System Administration Support and Backup
  • AiM Report Writer
  • Preventative Maintenance Work Order Management
  • Cell Phone, computer support and vehicle registration administration
  • Facilities fixed asset inventory coordinator
  • AiM Trainer
  • FuelMaster System Administrator

Jody Vernon

Jody Vernon
Facilities Personnel & Office Manager
Phone: 910.962.3105

Email: vernonj@uncw.edu
  • Recruitment & New Employee Administration
  • Facilities Leavekeeper
  • Payroll & HR Liaison
  • AiM HR Management
  • Employee Support

Mike Last

Mike Last
AiM System Administrator
Phone: 910.962.3743

Email: lastm@uncw.edu
  • Energy Management System Implementation & Training
  • Campus Systems Liaison
  • AiM Trainer

Kay McDougald

Kay McDougald
Lead facilities Store Coordinator
Phone: 910.962.2045

Email: mcdougaldm@uncw.edu
  • Counter service
  • AiM processing and user authorization of blanket order procurement
  • uShop materials processor
  • Physical inventory
  • Receiving packages & order expediting
  • Maintaining MSDS manual

Brandon Organ

Brandon Organ
Facilities Store Materials Coordinator
Phone: 910.962.7944

Email: organbr@uncw.edu
  • Counter Service
  • uShop for Inventory
  • Physical inventory
  • Receiving packages & order expediting
  • Materials handling

Nick Davis

Nick Davis
Systems Operations Support
Phone: 910.962.7799

Email: davisnl@uncw.edu
  • SharePoint System Administrator
  • Training Manuals
  • FuelMaster System assistant/backup
  • Special Assignments

Justin Smith

Justin Smith
Projects Business Coordinator
Phone: 910.962.7450

Email: smithcj@uncw.edu
  • Special Projects Administration
  • Capital Projects Administration


Sonya Herring
Administrative Associate
Phone: 910.962.3582

Email: herringst@uncw.edu
  • Work Control Support
  • Cintas Uniform Contract Management
  • Safety Glasses & Safety Shoes Administration

Angie Davis

Angie Davis
Facilities Personnel Assistant
Phone: 910.962.2774

Email: davisak@uncw.edu
  • Temp Leavekeeping Assistant


Heather Peedin
Facilities Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: 910.962.3628

Email: peedinh@uncw.edu
  • People Admin recruitment & job descriptions