Office of Facilities

Parking Improvements Phase I (Lots 1A/1B)



This project will be the development of new surface parking facilities located on UNCW’s Main Campus. A site map and specific project information is available below.  The construction will incorporate all supporting infrastructure and systems for the operation of these facilities.  This phase will be below $1,750,000.   This phase is for Parking Lots 1A and 1B near the new Veterans Hall building.

UNCW Project Manager:

Galen Jamison

Designer: John R. McAdams Company, Durham
Contractor: Civil Works Contracting, Wilmington
Current Status: Work Complete; Financial Closeout
Estimated Completion Date: January 2018
Master Plan Master Plan
Phase 1 (Current)

Allied Health Lot

Cahill Drive (Future)

Cahill Drive Lot

Cultural Arts Deck (Future) Cultural Arts Deck
Greene Track (Phase 2) Greene Track Lot
Kenan (Future) Kenan Lot
Reynolds (Future) Reynolds Lot
Wagoner (Future) Wagoner Lot