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Outdoor Recreational Master Plan

Master Plan Map



The outdoor recreational master plan project incorporates a variety of outdoor recreational improvements to Main Campus property. This master plan project will also incorporate the 2018 UNCW Master Plan, the planned new residence halls and other planned development adjacent the project sites. The master plan will be developed in two phases, the first will address the overall program and the second phase will focus on a phased implementation plan. Potential enhancements include but not limited to natural and artificial multi-purpose recreational fields, baseball/softball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, pavilion, gazebo, storage building, restroom building, outdoor fitness equipment, pedestrian circulation, stormwater management, parking, and site lighting.

UNCW Project Manager:

Lisa Seifert

Architect: John R. McAdams Company, Durham, NC
Contractor: TBD
Current Status: Master Planning
Estimated Completion Date: December 2021
Project Schedule: Phase 1 Master Plan complete.
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