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Summer 2017 - EVS 431/531 - Iceland Study Abroad Class




Student Quotes from Iceland Trip: 

"This trip blew my expectations out of the water, it showed me people share my values on the environment and are being proactive in trying to save our planet.  I marveled about the beauty of Iceland, learned about the processes that shaped the country, learned how to harness the Earth's energy to power a country, all while making 32 amazing friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities that were planned for us, and even the classroom time was enjoyable." 

"Planting trees in the lava field was for sure one of my favorite things that we did! It was a fairly simple project but it was something that needed to be done and will definitely make a difference.  Participating in the project was fun and made me feel like we were doing something good by planting our own little forest! "

"Every penny spent on this trip was well worth it by so much.  I think if anybody is having trouble trying to decide what they want to do in their life, studying abroad is a great decision.  Not only did it put my head on the bigger picture, it taught me a very valuable lesson.  No amount of money could ever buy what I learned, which is how to have fun without partying.  Ever since being back from Iceland, I've picked up surfing, paddle boarding, swimming a lot more, and making new friends.  I had been wanting to do these things for a while but just wasn't sure where to get started.  This trip came at the perfect time and I couldn't ask for more from it."

(Photos and quotes accredited to Amy Long, EVS Faculty Leader for the Iceland Summer 2017 program.)

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