Environmental Sciences


The Department of Environmental Sciences is a community of scholars dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, research, and service. The department strives for excellence in teaching and offers a modern curriculum leading to Bachelor of Arts in environmental sciences, a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science, and a Master of Science in environmental sciences. The department considers the use of experiential education, including internships, honors projects and directed individual studies, to be essential for effective learning. The department is committed to preparing its students for careers in the emerging knowledge-based economy and helping them become life-long learners.

The department seeks to enrich the learning environment through the active professional development of its faculty. This includes professional development in teaching, scholarship, research, and service. The department is committed to providing leadership in the use of emerging concepts, technologies, and techniques both on campus and in the surrounding region. The department regularly sponsors lectures and other activities to enrich the academic life of the campus and the community at large.

The department supports the university's values of diversity, global perspectives, community citizenship, and human integrity.