Department of English

Anirban Ray

Associate ProfessorAnirban Ray

Morton Hall 164
(910) 962-3703


Ph.D., Texas Tech University
M.S., St. Cloud State University
M.A., University of Calcutta, India
B.A., University of Calcutta, India

Academic Interests

Dr. Ray's research focuses on digital literacy and the rhetoric of technology and how technology is appropriated and problematized in the context of culture. In looking at the intersection, he frequently questions how cultural universals get strongly implicated in the design of the technology and frustrates the appropriation and the experience of the technology. Toward this end, he argues for designing information and developing interfaces that are culturally situated and contingent. He further looks at how the term "literacy" can be redefined and rearticulated in the everyday use of the Internet and computer technologies (ICTs) by negotiating the strategic space, which the user is typically presented with, through various tactical moves that are mostly user supplied. Continuing his interest in space as a catalyst of change, Ray is also interested in debating how culture as a social practice and individual activity inflected by ICTs has shifted from the geography of it to a geometric representation- a movement from "place" to "space."