Department of English

Nicholas Laudadio

Assistant Professor Nick Laudadio
Morton Hall 138


Ph.D, State University of New York, Buffalo
M.A., State University of New York, Buffalo
B.A., English, Boston University
B.S., Communications, Boston University

Academic Interests

Prof. Laudadio's research deals with the role machines play in producing and reproducing culture, focusing primarily on acoustic/musical technologies and their place in science fiction and science fiction cinema. He's currently at work on a critical and cultural history of the electronic musical instrument called Singing Machines.

Courses Taught

ENG 315: Writing about Music
ENG/FST 317: Writing about Film
ENG 384: Reading Popular Culture
ENG 496: Acoustic Environments
ENG 502: Introduction to Literary and Critical Theory
ENG 580: Introduction to Cultural Studies
FST 368: Science Fiction Film

Major Publications

  • "Just Like So But Isn't: Musical Consciousness and Richard Powers' Galatea 2.2." Extrapolation 49:4 2008.
  • "What Dreams Sound Like: Forbidden Planet and the Electronic Musical Instrument." Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 17:4 2007.
  • "The Electronic Musical Instrument in Film Song and Sound." Continuum Companion to Sound and Music in Film and Visual Media. London: Continuum Press, 2008.