Department of English

Fall 2019 Office Hours

Full-Time Faculty (also available by appointment and email)

Abrams, Hannah MO 150 MWF 10–10:50 am; TR 11 am–12 pm abramsh
Ashe, Diana RL 2038 9–5 pm ashed
Atkins, Tony MO 154 MW 1–2 pm atkinsa
Blumenthal, Megan Hodgson MO 105B MW 12–1 pm blumenthalm
Boren, Mark MO 129 TR 9-9:30 am, 1:45-2:15 pm borenm
Britt, Michelle MO 135 MW 8–8:50 am brittm
Bushman, Don MO 125 MW 10–12 pm bushmand
Butler, Maia MO 152 MTW 10-2 pm butlerm
China, Addie Sayers MO 121 W 9-11 am chinaa
Coyne, Amanda MO 103B T  9–11 am cosgrovea
Cummings, Lance MO 156 MW 10:45-12:15 pm cummingsl
Gilbert, Tiffany MO 163 Email for appointment gilbertt
Hallenbeck, Sarah MO 160 W 11-1 pm hallenbecks
Hemingway, Kimi Faxon MO 151 M 2–3 pm faxonk
Jost, Levi MO 250 MWF 10-10:45 am; TR 10-12 pm jostl
Kamenish, Paula MO 155 Email for appointment kamenishp
Laudadio, Nicholas MO 138 TR 12–1:30 pm laudadion
Laverty, Rory MO 103A TR 7:30–9 am lavertyr
Lozano, Jennifer MO 120 TR 12:30–3 pm lozanoj
MacLennan, Jane MO 103C MW 12–2 pm maclennanj
Malo-Juvera, Victor MO 132 TR 12:30–3:30 pm malov
Manning, Michelle MO 126 TR 12:30-1:30 pm manningm
Mathews, Shirley MO 105C MW 12–1:45 pm mathewss
Montwieler, Katherine BR 211 None montwielerk
Newlin, Keith MO 131 TR 12:30–1:45 pm newlink
Parker, Noelle Smith MO 153 MW 2:15–3:15 pm parkern
Peel, Katie MO 158 None peelk
Porco, Alex MO 130 W 9-11 am porcoa
Ray, Anirban MO 164 MW 12:30-2 pm, 5-6 pm rayan
Reilly, Colleen MO 157 TR 9:30-10:30 am reillyc
Schweninger, Lee MO 128 TR 12:30–2 pm schweninger
Sexton, Melissa MO 122 MW 10-11 am;T 10:30-12:30 pm sextonm
Sumerel, E. Ashley Bissette MO 103D M 12:15-2 pm bissettee
Sweeney, Meghan MO 159 MW 3:30-4:45 pm sweeneym
Tirrell, Jeremy MO 161 TWR 1-3 pm tirrellj
Walker, Lewis MO 124 TR 9:30–10:30 am; W 8–10 am walkerj
Weaver, Ian MO 123 MW 1:30-3 pm weaveri
Wentworth, Mike MO 133 MWF 1:50-2:30 pm;TR 11-12 pm wentworthm

Part-Time Faculty (also available by appointment and email)

Barber, Kathryn KE 1225 TR 12–2 pm barberk
Bircher, Jennifer MO 100A Email for appointment bircherj
Bryant-Richards, Beth Ann MO 105D MTWR 12–1 pm bryantrichardse
Childers, Mary Email for appointment mcc4043
Crawford, Nicholas DE 1073 MTWR 5–5:30 pm crawfordn
Draina, Nicole MO 105D Email for appointment drainan
Faulkner, Mellow LH 115 W 9–11 am faulknerm
Howell, David MO 105A Email for appointment howelld
Noland, Dan MO 120 T 2-4 pm; W 8-12 pm nolandd
Piner, Barri MO 100A Email for appointment pinerb
Ragain, Nathan LH 115 MWF 10–11:50 am ragainn
Robertson, Tracy Off-Campus Email for appointment robertsont
Sawyer, Samantha MO 256 Email for appointment sjs3832
Stone, Melissa Off-Campus Email for appointment stonem
Tolhurst, Andrew LH 115 M 10 am–12 pm tolhursta
Tooman, Quinn MO 134 W 12–1 pm toomanq
Warfield, Rebecca MO 105A TR 10 am–12 pm (Skype: rebecca.warfield1) warfieldr
Watson, Lynn MO 100A MW 3–3:30 pm, 6:15–7 pm watsonv
Weaver, Christa MO 105A W 12–1 pm weaverc
Welliver, Kathy MO 100A MTW 12-1 pm welliverk

Staff Office Hours

Doniere, Karen MO 165 M–F 8:00–5 pm donierek
Walker, Bria MO 165 M-F 7:30 - 4:30 pm walkerbs