Department of English

Michelle Britt

LecturerMichelle Britt - Photo by Rory Laverty
Morton Hall 135


M.A., University of North Carolina at Wilmington
B.A., University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Academic Interests

Michelle Britt thoroughly enjoys introductory literary and composition courses and their ability to cultivate a global perspective and discovery of self. She strongly believes that reading, writing, and study abroad experiences positively foster one's ability to critically examine and appreciate their connection to local, national, and international communities.

Courses Taught

ENG 100-College Reading and Writing I/Global Emphasis
ENG 101: College Writing and Reading I
ENG 103: Advanced College Reading and Writing
ENG 110: Introduction to Literature
ENG 200-College Reading and Writing II/Global Emphasis
ENG 201: College Writing and Reading II
ENG 205-Introduction to Literary Studies
ENG 227-World Anglophone Literature
ENG 290-Pulitzer Prize Winning Plays

HON 110- First-Year Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar