Department of English

Anthony T. Atkins

Associate Professor
Morton Hall 154 Anthony Atkins


Ph.D., Ball State University
M.A., East Carolina University
B.A., East Carolina University

Academic Interests

Dr. Atkins served as the Composition Coordinator from 2007-2012. His research interest/s include composition theory and pedagogy, professional communication, visuality, writing technologies, and classical and modern rhetorical theory. His current research is focused on First-Year Writing, WPA, and defining the multiple facets of the field of rhetoric and composition. He is also researching social media's impact on today's business communication structures. He currently serves as the President of the Carolinas Writing Program Administrators.

Courses Taught

ENG 101: Reading and Writing I
ENG 201: Reading and Writing II
ENG 204: Introduction to Professional Writing
ENG 204: Introduction to Professional Writing (online)
ENG 303: Reading & Writing Arguments
ENG 314: Writing & Technology
ENG 314: Writing & Technology (online)
ENG:319: Document Design
ENG 388: Rhetorical Theory to 1900
ENG:389: Rhetorical Theory from 1900
ENG 496: Senior Seminar: Writing with Video
ENG 496: Senior Seminar: Writing, Editing, Designing, and Publishing
ENG 503: Graduate Course, Teaching Composition in Theory and Practice

Recent Publications

  • "Rewarding Risk: Designing Aspirational Assessment Processes for Digital Writing Projects" with Colleen Reilly. D├ánielle Nicole DeVoss and Heidi A. McKee (eds.) Digital Writing Assessment and Evaluation. Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital P/Utah State UP, 2013. Computers and Composition Digital Press. Web.

  • Atkins, Anthony T. "Collaborating Online: Digital Strategies for Group Work." Charles Lowe and Pavel Zemliansky, eds. Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing Vol I. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press, 2010. Web (and available in Print).

  • Atkins, Anthony T. "It's Complicated [with] Student-Professor Relationships: Using Facebook to Create Emotional Connections." The Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning. 16: 1 (fall 2010). Print.

  • Atkins, Anthony T. and Colleen A. Reilly. "Stifling Innovation: The Impact of Resource Poor Techno-ecologies on Student Motivation and Proficiency" DeVoss, D├ánielle N., Heidi A. McKee, and Richard (Dickie) Selfe, eds. Technological Ecologies and Sustainability. Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital P/Utah State UP, 2009. Computers and Composition Digital Press. Web. <>.