Department of English

Diana Ashe

ProfessorDiana Ashe

Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
Randall 2038


Ph.D., Texas A&M University
M.A., Texas A&M University
Certificate, Rice University Publishing Program
B.A., Southwestern University

Academic Interests

Professor Ashe's research and teaching interests overlap almost entirely: she is interested in how documents work, how they persuade, how readers understand them, and how they can facilitate change. This focus on texts and their contexts leads her to study entrenched debates-often with environmental concerns at their center--between passionate citizens, duty-bound government officials, and intensely motivated industries. In addition, she's fascinated by the ways in which our increasingly complex methods of creating, viewing, and manipulating texts can complicate our already vexed ethical systems, leading to new forms of plagiarism and new ways of understanding (and sometimes enforcing) academic honesty.

Courses Taught

ENG 204: Introduction to Professional Writing
ENG 303: Essay Writing
ENG 310: Theory and Practice of Editing
ENG 314: Writing and Technology
ENG 316: Analyzing Style
ENG 318: Writing and Activism
ENG 319: Document Design
ENG 388: Rhetorical Theory to 1900
ENG 389: Rhetorical Theory since 1900
ENG 496: Senior Seminar, Writing and the Environment

Major Publications

  • with Elizabeth Ervin. "Mentoring Friendships and the 'Reweaving of Authority.'" Stories of Mentoring. Ed. Michelle Eble and Lynee Gaillet. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press and the WAC Clearinghouse.
  • with Colleen Reilly. "Smart Growth of Professional Writing Programs: Controlling Sprawl in Departmental Landscapes." Composing and Revising the Professional / Technical Writing Program. Ed. David Franke and Alexander Reid. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press and the WAC Clearinghouse. (forthcoming) 28 pages in manuscript.
  • with Michelle Manning. "Grade Expectations: Mapping Stakeholder Views of Online Plagiarism Detection." Journal of Effective Teaching 7.2 (2007) 68-79.
  • "The Space between Text and Action: Redefining Nature Writing through the work of Rick Bass and John McPhee." The Literary Art and Activism of Rick Bass. Ed. Alan Weltzien. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2001. 122-47.