Department of English

Michelle Britt, left, and Michelle Manning, right, present award to one of the winners. - Photo by Rory Laverty

Michelle Britt, left, and Michelle Manning, right, present award to one of the EIA winners. - Photo by Rory Laverty

How To Participate

Undergraduate and graduate students must either be either currectly enrolled or have been enrolled the previous semester in an English course at UNCW.

Individual and group projects are welcome.

UNCW students should just fill out an application in order to show your work at the showcase-you can ask your English professor or contact Michelle Manning directly.

High school students should have their English teachers contact Michelle Manning directly.

Day of Event

Students should report to the designated venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the Showcase to set up the exhibit. Make sure to sign in at the participant table and get a name tag. Students also are responsible for the breakdown and cleanup of their exhibit area and materials.

The event coordinator will make an announcement signaling the Showcase end, so please do not break down the exhibit until this announcement is made.

What To Wear

Because faculty and administrators from throughout the university attend the Showcase and serve as exhibit judges, participants are encouraged to dress in business casual attire.

Preferred Attire Includes:
  • Button-up or collared shirts
  • Dress pants or long skirts or dresses
  • Nice leather shoes (although tennis shoes are acceptable)
  • Ties, blazers, and other more professional attire is encouraged, but not required
  • Costumes or specialized clothing related to the specific exhibit (see Ms. Manning)
Please Avoid the Following:
  • Hats
  • T-shirts
  • Flip flops
  • Short shorts or mini-skirts
  • Cargo pants
  • Blue Jeans

How to Win an Award

Students can create all types of exhibits, and the Showcase will supply a 6-foot table and/or an easel. Students can also use personal laptops for videos, PowerPoints, or other displays. Many students print posters through CSURF. Some exhibits use a combination of several of these display types.

Teams should make a staggered attendance schedule, so that the exhibit is not crowded, and so they can have a chance to see the Showcase, cast their vote for the People's Choice, and get some refreshments.

The more interesting and interactive the exhibit, the better, of course!

Awards are announced at the end of the Showcase.

Award categories include the following:
  • People's Choice Award
  • Best Multimedia Presentation
  • Best Service Learning Display
  • Best Research-Based Project
  • Best Class Grouping
  • Best Table
  • Best Poster
  • Best Area High School Exhibit

With the exception of the People's Choice Award, award winners are judged by members of faculty, staff, and administrators present at the Showcase. Judges are anonymous, so participants are not aware of who is judging their display.

In making their decisions, judges consider not only the design and content of each poster or display, but also the knowledge and professionalism of the presenters.

Incentives To Attend

People who attend a Showcase are treated to complimentary refreshments, have a chance to win door prizes, and can also vote for their favorite display to win the People's Choice Award.

The Showcase is an excellent way for local high school and community college students who are interested in writing or literature to gain insight into the types of course work they can expect in a UNCW English class.

The Showcase is also an important networking opportunity for current students, providing insight into what classes to take and what careers an English degree can lead to.

For more about the showcase, contact Michelle Manning,