Department of English

English in Action 

The English In Action (EIA) Showcase is held at the end of both the fall and spring semesters and provides a forum for students to display the work they have done throughout the semester in their English courses -- from composition and professional writing to literary theory.

Preparing Students for the World

In addition to the mainstays of poetry, literature and rhetoric, English is a major that provides many opportunities beyond teaching. The department offers learning tracks that encompass the latest in Web work, the cutting edge in telling stories visually and by sound.

For instance, students who took part in our May study abroad trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, turned a piece of classic literature into a graphic novel, taking the photos and distilling the storyline themselves.

Studying English is no longer sitting hours at a desk; it is entering into the 21st Century by preparing students how to navigate and excel in a global environment where communication is the gold standard of success.

Service Learning

The English Department leads the way in providing our students with real-world experience and the practical knowledge that comes from that effort. Whether it's interning at a newspaper, preparing suites of business literature or writing press releases for nonprofit agencies-- among the dozens of opportunities we offer -- students are better prepared for life after graduation through these service learning experiences.

Clubs and Societies

Talking James Joyce over coffee or arguing WikiLeaks over hot dogs, student organizations in the English Department tackle the esoteric ("What's with Joyce and that oversized period anyway?") and the down-to-Earth (literature is an exercise in life). Check out our Sigma Tau Delta chapter and join the activities.


The restless student need to look no further than the English Department for opportunities. The Wentworth Travel Fellowships sponsor about a dozen students each year to travel to countries as far flung as china and India or areas as nearby as Concord Mass., in order to follow in the footsteps of their favorite authors. Also, many English Department students have gone to Wales to take advantage of Swansea University's study abroad program.

A long-standing addition to our offerings is a 3-credit May trip to Buenos Aires where students study the art, literature and music of one of the most beautiful capital cities of the world. You can take a look at what past students have experienced by going to the ENG 294 WordPress blog.


In additional to the Wentworth travel awards, the Department also offers a variety of honors and awards that range from being named an outstanding graduate to an award that pays tuition and another that pays for books. All the details are here.