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Departmental Honors

The Departmental Honors Program at UNCW provides an opportunity for students to engage in an advanced individual scholarly project in a specialized area. Graduation with departmental honors is a signal honor that is recognized on the student's diploma.

Honors work involves independent study under the supervision of a faculty member in the student's major field. This independent study should be outstanding scholarly work appropriate to the academic standards of the student's major discipline and should be completed in two, 3-credit hour semesters or three, 2-hour semesters. The results of the Honors work are summarized in a paper and presented orally before an examining committee. Generally, students do their work in departmental honors in their last two semesters; however, a student may begin in the junior year. In fact, students are encouraged to begin their Honors work as soon as possible. For some projects, two semesters are not enough time.


A student must have a quality point average of 3.2 or better (including all transfer courses attempted) over the first 74 semester hours, must have completed at least 30 semester hours work with a 3.2 or better quality point average at UNCW, and must be recommended by the chairperson of the area of concentration. Application forms are available in the Registrar's Office, and the finished application must be approved by the department chairperson. Participation in the program requires 6 semester hours of work in the major during the final three semesters, with a maximum of 3 semester hours in any one semester, and includes independent study in the area of concentration, a paper reporting on the results of the study, and an oral examination. Honors work is not intended to replace any specifically required courses. For more information, click on this link

University Honors

To graduate with University Honors, a student must complete at least 12 credit hours of basic studies courses honor selections, complete 6 credits of "Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars," complete 2 credits of "Honors Enrichment Seminar," maintain academic eligibility, earn a minimum of a 2.00 in all honors work and have a 3.00 overall GPA in all honors curriculum coursework, and complete requirements for Departmental Honors