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Shaneisa Davis, a 2012 alumna, enjoyed her time traveling the world after graduation.
Shaneisa Davis, a 2012 alumna, enjoyed her time traveling the world after graduation.

Alumni Update

Where are they now?

Ever wonder what happened to that kid who sat beside you in Shakespeare class who knew all the words to the speech at Agincourt ... and just kept reciting them? Or, how about the girl with the blue hair who sat in front of you in rhetoric and raised her hand for everything? Or the guy with the thick glasses who swore he'd get a Nobel Prize for literature before he was 60?

Well, we wondered too. The last time we saw all of you, you were wearing the torn T-shirts you picked off the floor from the night before, were carrying so many books you walked with a stoop, and were living on coffee, cigarettes and cookies. But all of you had a dream, and we'd like to know how you're doing.

So many people answered the last time we sent out e-mail that we decided to make this a regularly updated feature of the English Department Web site.

Take a few minutes, tell us how life's treating you, and, yes, send photos. All the teachers you remember really would love to see you in your adult no-holes-in-the-T-shirt guise.

Send an e-mail to Shirley Mathews (, and we'll add you to our list.

  • 2014
    Sarah White

    Immediately started working at the early college, Columbus Career and College Academy, in Columbus County and quickly fell in love with the students and staff there. She married husband, Brandon, in October of 2014.
    The commute from Southport to Whiteville each day became a strain, and, when she was offered a position at South Brunswick High School in Boiling Spring Lakes in October 2015, she took it and made the transition right before Thanksgiving.
    "The transition from an early college to a traditional high school was interesting, but I received a lot of support from the SBHS staff."
    "In May 2016, my husband and I were suprised to find out that we were pregnant!" she said. "I am over half way through my pregnancy, and we are beyond excited about welcoming Colton James into our lives this coming January!"

    Sarah White - Click for larger image Sarah White - Click for larger image Sarah White - Click for larger image

  • 2013
    Abby (Watson) Domanowski

    Abby Watson graduated with a BA in English - Professional Writing and a BA in Philosophy and Religion, Philosophy emphasis in May 2013. SheI worked for a relatively small Facilities Management software company in Raleigh, N.C., for 3 years, and, while there, she was both a Technical Writer and a Product Manager.
    In May 2016, Abby took a new job as a Technical Communicator at SAS, a leading analytics software company (and great place to work revered by many!).
    On Sept. 17, 2016, AbbyI married Mike Domanowski, “so when I eventually change my name legally, I will be Abby Domanowski instead of Abby Watson. Mike and I were dating while at UNCW (we're actually high school sweethearts).”
    Mike graduated from the Cameron School of Business with concentrations in Economics and Finance.

      Abby Watson - Click for larger image * Abby Watson - Click for larger image

    April Mittelstaedt

    Moved to Denver after graduation for less than a year before moving to China to teach English for a year (May 2014 - May 2015).
    "[It] gave me the chance to travel around China and learn about three words of Chinese "Wo shi Meiguoren" : I am American. While there, I was accepted to a master's program in Dublin, Ireland, near where I studied abroad as part of my time at UNCW."
    As of 2016, she is living with a friend she met in 2012 while studying abroad in Maynooth, Co. Kildare. She started her masters in Library and Information Systems at University College Dublin in September 2015 and just submitted her thesis in August 2016.
    "During my masters and since my thesis submission, I've traveled to London a few times (AND got to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as part of its previews), visited Milan, and went on a trip to Barcelona and Paris just after my thesis submission. Now, I'm traveling in Ireland and visiting Scotland with my high school best friend before returning to the Greensboro, N.C., area to job hunt. Hopefully, I can find a job working as a cataloger or a registrar in a museum."
    I have a blog and a portfolio on my website at
    And I've created a catalogue of my vintage cameras at

    The black&white photo (below and left) was taken with a vintage 1940s Kodak Brownie camera of me in a 1950s cocktail dress. The other photo is of April at ThoughtBubble Comic-Con 2015 in Leeds, England, wearing a Star Trek uniform she made using a dress and minor alterations.

    April Mittelstaedt - Click for larger image
    *April Mittelstaedt - Click for larger image

  • 2012
    Jeff Boykin

    Jeff Boykin is an Instructional Designer for General Assembly, a venture-backed education startup offering classes in marketing, data, coding, and design. A member of the campus product team, he creates curriculum and training materials for instructors and students in multiple campuses worldwide.

    "I got used to pulling all nighters in grad school, so now I also do some freelance work on the side in technical writing, educational game development, and teacher training. My experience as a graduate student in UNCW's English department played a pivotal role in honing my critical thinking and communication skills. Working as a TA and instructor inspired my initial interest in educational innovation, and after Morton, I pursued an advanced degree in instructional technology (also from UNCW) while interning and working in technical writing positions."

    "Career/life advice is hard to generalize, but I would wholeheartedly recommend our English program to anyone! It helps to pair liberal arts training with some sort of technical skill, but either way - [you gain the] ability to write and debate articulately. Plus, my time bonding over books, ideas, and rhetoric with my classmates and professors are some of my fondest memories, and I continue to (over)apply theory to my everyday life. From affordances to Foucault, children's lit to the rhetoric of social movements, I would take even more classes if I could!"

    Morgan Cartier

    Works as a content producer at a software company in Research Triangle Park. She is primarily a copy editor and reviews everything from user guides to marketing emails, but she is also involved in managing web content, doing some blogging, and assisting with social media.
    Morgan is also learning photo, video and sound editing and how to work with lighting and cameras for the promotional videos the company shoots.
    "I do truly miss reading, discussing and analyzing literature, but its impact on my education is still a constant presence in my life. Though my work can be challenging at times, it can also be very rewarding, and I'm glad I've been able to apply my time at UNCW in so many different ways."

    Morgan Cartier - Click for larger photo

    Shaneisa Davis

    Shaneisa Davis is currently working in the medical sales field in Raleigh and loving every minute of it. Not only does she get to use her professional writing skills (lots of emails), but “I get to utilize the skills that come natural to me when working with physicians, nurses and patients (hello, open, fun and friendly personality).
    Since graduating, she has expanded her family of one to two domestic shorthairs and a St. Bernard.
    “I also got to explore the one city I have been obsessed with since childhood: London. While I did not meet any dukes, I did eat plenty of fish and chips, explored a lot of castles and ate English porridge for the first time, which is basically our version of oatmeal (big disappointment).”
    “I also did some traveling in Rome and Paris and can't wait to go back!”
    “My experience at UNCW has been a great one. I am so thankful to all of the wonderful professors in the English department, especially Dr. Paula Kamenish, Dr. Marlon Moore, Dr. Donald Bushman, Ms. Michelle Manning, Ms. Shirley Mathews and Dr. Daniel Noland. Each of you has played a huge role in who I am today and for that I am very grateful. #goseahawks #classof2012

    Shaneisa Davis - Click for larger photo

    Tyler Heffernan

    A couple of months after graduation, Tyler landed a job in Charleston, S.C., as a reporter for the Moultrie News. Although he covered a variety of topics, his focus was primarily sports and continued to freelance for the Yahoo! Sports online magazine, ThePostGame, on occasion. After a year and a few months, Tyler left the Moultrie News to become the communications manager of US Club Soccer, where he has been since October 2013. US Club Soccer is a national soccer organization headquartered in Charleston. “Although it's not journalism, I still regularly write articles, manage our digital and social media channels, direct public relations campaigns, assist in database management and more. Outside of my career, I'm blissfully married to my wife, Ashley (Class of 2010; formerly Ashley Barker), since October 2014. We have a dachshund named Charlie.”

    Tyler Heffernan and wife, Ashley - Click for larger image

    Caleb Musser

    Caleb Musser directs business development and managing accounts for Arthur Elliott Marketing Group, a firm in Charlotte, N.C.. "It's just what I was hoping to do (not quite "Mad Men" but close! :)." He credits his writing ability with opening up the opportunity to meet with several high-level executives who were impressed by his email.

    Caleb Musser - Click for larger photo

    Courtney (Richardson) Ratliff

    Courtney (Richardson) Ratliff got married in December 2012, and she is now living in Tampa, Florida, and finishing up her English degree at the University of South Florida. She started a non-profit organization online and has been putting her writing skills to use when it comes to creating formal bylaws and corporate documents.

    Courtney (Richardson) Ratliff - Click for larger photo Courtney (Richardson) Ratliff - Click for larger photo

    Michelle Salyga

    Michelle Salyga is Commissioning Editor at Routledge/Taylor & Francis, located in the midtown Manhattan office in New York City. Specifically, she commissions scholarly monographs, edited collections, and handbooks across a range of topics, from Medieval to Twentieth-century Literature, in our Routledge Research series.
    Her previous positions in educational publishing at Peter Lang Publishing, Harvard Business Publishing, and W.W. Norton & Company helped motivate her to continue along the publishing path, ultimately landing her dream job!

    Michelle has also been happily married for the past eight years and is a proud owner of a black cat.

    She can be reached at

    Michelle Salyga - Click for larger photo

    Gabriel Sutton

    Gabriel Sutton has been travelling and writing full time for the last two years.
    " I lived in Sydney, Australia for seven months, and then Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Peru."
    "I manage a team of writers and editors that create business blogs for Expedia, Disney, Open English and a handful of other companies, and because I work online, I can keep travelling."

    Gabriel Sutton - Click for larger photo Gabriel Sutton Gabriel Sutton - Click for larger photo

    Marcella (Trumbower) Twamley

    Marcella (Trumbower) Twamley lives in Chapel Hill, and works for UNC health Care as an administrative associate for renal transplant. She is also teaching a basic composition course each semester at Durham Technical Community College.
    "My students and the patients I interact with are a constant reminder of the enduring nature of the human spirit, and I learn from them every day."
    Marcelle got married in the summer of 2013 to Steven Twamley, a Chapel Hill native, who will graduate from UNC's Masters of Accounting Program this Spring and work for EY in the Fall.
    "We enjoyed honeymooning in Barbados."

    Marcella (Trumbower) Twamley - Click for larger photo Marcella (Trumbower) Twamley - Click for larger photo

  • 2011
    Maria DiBenigno

    Maria DiBenigno graduated from UNCW's English masters program in May 2011. After teaching part-time at UNCW, Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, Virginia, and Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, she pursued doctoral studies. In August 2013, Maria moved to Williamsburg, Va., and entered the American Studies Ph.D. program at the College of William and Mary.
    "I'm also interning at the Mariners' Museum Library in Newport News, Virginia. It has been a rewarding (albeit challenging!) experience. I hope all of my professors and classmates are well!"

    Quincey Farmer

    Quincey Farmer is a proud Soaring Seahawk and, as a Wentworth Fellow, he studied in Paris while at UNCW. "I often tell my students about the experiences I had while there. It was a great opportunity." After graduating from UNCW, he earned another bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from North Carolina Central University. While pursuing that degree, he also worked with the Children's Defense Fund's Freedom Schools as a servant leader intern and assistant site coordinator. "Since I have graduated, I have also taught Kindergarten, Second Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade. I am currently pursuing my Master of School Administration degree and plan to become a leader in the field of education. I truly believe education is the key to our success as a nation!"

    Quincey Farmer - Click for larger photo

    JJ Knight

    JJ Knight is a Communications and Public Relations Specialist at Battelle, a U.S. government contracting firm. Based in Arlington, Virginia, her clients are located within the Washington, D.C. metro area. Her primary client is Ready Marine Corps, the U.S. Marine Corps’ emergency preparedness outreach program. She handles all day-to-day operations, including website and social media management, public affairs, and relationship building. She also facilitates and promotes the Marine Corps’ participation in national preparedness initiatives as tasked by the Office of the Secretary of Defense-Policy and the White House.
    In August 2016, JJ was accepted into Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies where she is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. She intends to graduate in spring/summer 2018.

     “At UNCW, I built a solid foundation for my career thanks to the tools and opportunities afforded by the English department.”
     While at UNCW, she completed three internships, including the Dow Jones News Fund internship. She was also awarded the Wentworth Fellowship and Most Outstanding Undergraduate Award her senior year.

     “I credit much of my undergraduate success to the dedicated English department faculty who pushed me to be and do and see more.”
     When not working or studying, she’s exploring northern Virginia’s many vineyards, hanging out with her 2-year-old dog, or binging on the latest and greatest Netflix show.

      JJ Knight - Click for larger image

    Natalie Price

    Natalie Price is an Assistant Show Manager for Southern Shows, Inc. out of Charlotte, N.C. They produce & manage consumer shows like the Southern Ideal Home Show, the Southern Women's Show and the Southern Christmas Show. Natalie is currently being certified in an online course to teach English as a foreign language, and she plans to move to Central America in July 2014.
    "I was a Spanish minor at UNCW and have been dying to get back to Latin America ever since I studied abroad in 2009. Can't wait to update you from the sandy beaches of Costa Rica or maybe the snow capped mountains of the Andes by next year."

    Natalie Price - Click for larger photo

    Jamie Revill

    Jamie Revill graduated a little earlier than anticipated in December of 2011 from UNCW and began graduate school at North Carolina State University in January, and that took up all of 2012.
    In 2013, Jamie was fortunate enough to do part of her student teaching experience in Pskov, Russia, before graduating with her master's in teaching that concentrated in Secondary English.
    "I'm now living in my own apartment with my precious addition of a retired show cat, Molly Pockets, and working as a 7th grade Language Arts teacher at a Title I school in Durham, N.C."
    "I still look back fondly on my time in Sigma Tau Delta, studying abroad in England my Junior year, and all the professors who supported me at UNCW. Thank you for everything, Seahawks!"

    Jamie Revill - Click for larger photo

  • 2010
    Ashley N. Barker

    Ashley N. Barker graduated with a bachelor's in English (professional writing option) and minors in journalism and creative writing.
    During college, Ashley designed pages and wrote sports stories part-time for the Star-News. Right out of college, she started full-time work as the community web producer at WECT-TV in Wilmington and did that for a year and a half before moving to Charleston, S.C., in August 2012.
    Now, Ashley works as a public information specialist in the public relations office at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) where she writes, copy edits and designs pages for The Catalyst, MUSC's internal newspaper. "I never expected to work in public relations or in a medical environment, but it's fascinating. I'm surrounded by geniuses every day."
    "On a personal note ... I've been dating fellow UNCW English department alum Tyler Heffernan, class of spring 2012, since 2009, and he is reporting for the Moultrie News, a weekly newspaper in Charleston. We have a mini dachshund, Charlie, together. He's named for our new city :)

    Ashley N. Barker - Click for larger photo

    Gideon A. Brookins

    Gideon A. Brookins graduated with a bachelors degree in Professional Writing, then attended NC State University from 2010-2012, graduating with a Master of Science in Technical Communication. After co-oping with IBM during grad school, he recently started his first full-time technical writing position in early July 2012. He will be writing documentation for server software and hardware for Tekelec, a telecommunications company headquartered in Morrisville, N.C.
    "Living in Raleigh and the Triangle in general has allowed me to stay connected with friends and other alumni from UNCW."
    "I anticipate that my formal academic career is over, but the learning is only just beginning. Not a day goes by that I don't use something I learned from my undergraduate English courses.
    The best perk a full-time job offers? Paid time off!"
    " Thank you and all of my esteemed professors. A special thanks to my former advisor, Dr. [Diana] Ashe."

    Gideon A. Brookins - Click for larger photo Gideon A. Brookins - Click for larger photo

    Anna Brown

    Anna Brown received her BA in English, Professional Writing, and after a short summer stint doing odd jobs around the Star News, she moved to Greensboro and worked at Proximity Hotel, being promoted to Manager on Duty within a year. She moved to Winston-Salem for love and became engaged to Samuel Henley, a maintenance supervisor and local guitar player, in February 2012.
    She recently accepted a position as an Administrative Assistant in Wake Forest University's Departments of History and Religion, which allows her to be closer to home so she can spend more time with her fiance and his 4-year-old son, Aiden. She and Sam will tie the knot on March 23, 2013.

    Anna Brown - Click for larger photo

    Olivia Cunningham

    Olivia Cunningham moved to Hangzhou, China, in the fall of 2011 where she taught English courses at Hangzhou Normal University for two years. Olivia not only taught English speaking and writing courses, but also got to give numerous lectures on American culture, lifestyle and even dance!
    "After living my dream for two years, I decided it was time to pack up and return stateside, where I got a job at none other than UNCW."
    She now works at UNCW's Office of International Programs as their Outreach Coordinator.
    "It's been a great opportunity to share my love of travel and education abroad with the rest of the UNCW community."

    Olivia Cunningham - Click for larger photo Olivia Cunningham - Click for larger photo

    Meghan (Palko) Bliss

    Meghan (Palko) Bliss got married in April 2013. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Professional Writing, and in 2012, she graduated with a master's in English from ECU and is now living in New Bern, N.C., with her husband, Patrick, and working part-time as a Client Associate at Wells Fargo Advisors.
    "I'm also working part-time as a freelance writer, which is the business I'm hoping to build and eventually run full-time. So far, it's going very well."
    The picture at left is from her honeymoon in Italy. "We visited the Amalfi Coast, including Positano, Capri and Sorrento. It was absolutely beautiful!"

    Meghan (Palko) Bliss - Click for larger photo

    Christine (Wood) Pope

    Christine (Wood) Pope did a short stint after graduation in Charleston, W.Va. (husband's hometown), and worked in public and government relations for the regional office of a cable company.
    "Before I knew it, I was married and had a baby on the way! We decided to move back to my hometown, Boone, and be close to family, a.k.a., free babysitters. I am now the deputy town clerk for the Town of Boone. In my position, I write town press releases and the mayor's correspondence, and I maintain all town records. I hope to retire in Boone, but I'm already rooting for my 17-month-old baby boy to attend UNCW one day, so I will have an excuse to visit more often!"

    Christine (Wood) Pope - Click for larger photo Christine (Wood) Pope - Click for larger photo Christine (Wood) Pope - Click for larger photo

  • 2009
    Vanessa Allison

    Vanessa Allison graduated with an MA, and from 2006 to 2011 played competitive roller derby, traveling the country with the Cape Fear Roller girls as her alter ego "Dee Spies."
    Vanessa taught English as an adjunct at Cape Fear Community College from 2008 to 2010.
    She was on the Lumina Academy Administration Team from 2010 to 2011. Lumina Academy is a non-profit distance learning school designed to educate underprivileged children in Malaysia.
    In 2011, she and her husband and dogs moved to Costa Rica in search of "pura vida." She works remotely, writing for Fortune 500 companies and a handful of other clients in the technology industry.
    "When not being rattled by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, we spend the day surfing, paddle boarding, diving, spearfishing, hiking, saving sea turtles and exploring the jungles."
    She plays derby now with the Ligar Costa Rica under the same name.
    Vanessa also has a travel blog documenting all the adventures and culture shock:

    Vanessa Allison - Click for larger photo  

    Amanda Brown

    Amanda Brown graduated with a bachelor's degree in English with a Major in Professional Writing and earned her degree in Clinical Research. She was the Vice President for her undergraduate class of 2011. She went on to earn a MS in Clinical Research and Product Development with a focus on Clinical Management in 2014 at UNCW. She works as a Remote Site Monitor at Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) in Wilmington. Amanda is married and has four children (ages 11, 8, 3 and 1 in 2015).

    Amanda Brown - Click for larger photo  

    Brittany Glover

    Brittany Glover lives in Raleigh, N.C., where she is a Cloud Systems Developer at IBM. After graduating from UNC Wilmington, she pursued a master's in Interactive Media, focusing on Web Development and User Experience Design.
    Outside of her career, Glover focuses her time and energy on her small business, LBG Media Consulting, LLC as well as volunteering, family, traveling and marking to do's off of her bucket list.
    She can be reached at and

    Brittany Glover - Click for larger photo  

  • 2008
    John D'Angelo

    John D'Angelo was accepted into the Master's of Teaching program at Towson University near Baltimore, which he will start in January 2013. "Hoping to follow in the path of all the great professors I had at UNCW, I've decided to become an English teacher."  

    Molly DeWitt

    Molly DeWitt parleyed a UNCW internship at the Jacksonville Daily News into a full-time job after she graduated. She is the city/county government reporter and is putting all the skills she learned in her UNCW English classes to work. "I've even been fortunate enough to dabble in the area of column writing, which, it turns out, is my favorite part of the job, and I hope to do more of it in the future."  

    Jeff Golden

    Jeff Golden accepted an education reporting job with the Farmington (N.M.) Daily Times after graduating in 2008. He immediately fell in love with the American West, spending most of his free hours in nearby Colorado hiking, climbing and drinking the country's best beer.
    He stayed put for nearly two years before pursuing freelance opportunities in Boston. The West didn't take long to lure him back, and only a few months later, he was once again Colorado-bound.
    He's lived in Denver since June 2010, currently splitting time as a Communications Associate for Jefferson County Open Space & Parks and a Digital Marketing Associate for the Colorado Mountain Club.
    Jeff has successfully summited Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, El Pico de Orizaba and all 58 of Colorado's 14,000-foot mountains."

    Jeff Golden - Click for larger photo  

    Anna (Gray) McKinley

    Anna (Gray) McKinley worked for two years for Enterprise Rent-a-car in New Bern, N.C., as a Management Assistant. While there, she married her husband, Jason, and had her daughter, Riley, who is, as of 2013, 5 years old. Jason is a Marine and was given orders to be a drill instructor at Parris Island, S.C., in 2010.
    While stationed there, Anna found her calling in law enforcement as a sworn officer. Jason recently received orders to Camp Pendleton, Calif., where they are currently.
    "I plan to continue in law enforcement and recently became a certified instructor in firearms."

    Anna (Gray) McKinley - Click for larger photo Anna (Gray) McKinley - Click for larger photo Anna (Gray) McKinley - Click for larger photo  

    Sarah Harris

    Sarah Harris went on to earn a Masters of Arts in English Literature from Western Carolina University. “While I was there, I enjoyed working with the liaison librarian in English so much that I applied to graduate school for Library Science. In 2013, she earned her Masters of Library Science from North Carolina Central University's School of Library and Information Sciences. Now, Sarah is a librarian at the National Humanities Center in Research Triangle Park, N.C., and  lives in Durham with her partner, Michael Murtha, on their backyard farm.

    Sarah Harris - Click for larger image Sarah Harris - Click for larger image Sarah Harris - Click for larger image

    Tracy Lee LaFon

    Tracy Lee LaFon is a writing specialist instructor with the English department at Cape Fear Community College, working in the learning lab and mostly tutoring in English. She has started teaching workshops on creating professional documents such as resumes, proposals, letters of application and interest, and grant writing. She also works with Portals, the students' literary and artistic publication, as well as doing some editing, writing and production work for other publications. "I am enjoying some traveling that was otherwise cost preventative while I was in school with trips this year to Florida (DisneyWorld-accompanying the seniors of Pender High School on their annual trip), New England, Ohio (Lake Erie and Cedar Point-the rollercoaster capital of the world), Oregon, California and Mexico, as well as the mountains of North Carolina. It has been a very good year!"

    Tracy Lee LaFon - Click for larger photo  

    Caroline (Paul) Stutts

    Caroline (Paul) Stutts went on to attend law school at NCCU. She graduated in 2011, and works an associate attorney with the Simpson Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, handling litigation arising mainly from automobile accidents. Caroline and her husband, Danny, were married in November 2015. They live in Durham where they enjoy fitness, spending time with their three dogs and riding horses in their spare time.

      Caroline (Paul) Stutts - Click for larger image *Caroline (Paul) Stutts - Click for larger image * Caroline (Paul) Stutts - Click for larger image * Caroline (Paul) Stutts - Click for larger image

  • 2007
    Evan Andrews

    Evan Andrews has worked as a contractor, done some freelance writing work and in 2009, plans to teach SAT prep courses in Richmond, Va. He has written a couple of screenplays and is trying to put together an independent feature film.

    Robert Cox, Jr.

    Robert Cox Jr., better known as Bobby, graduated with a BA in English Literature, a BA in Spanish and minor studies in psychology. Since graduation, he taught Spanish to elementary school students in New Orleans, his hometown, and also taught English literacy to Spanish-speaking elementary school children and adult ESL classes.

    “After teaching for 4 years, I moved to Shanghai, China, to study Mandarin Chinese, to teach English, and to travel throughout Asia.” He then entered a master's degree program in clinical psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University, in New York City, and is, as of 2016, is his third year of a Ph.D. program at Columbia.

    “My time at UNCW instilled within me an activist spirit, and I continue to work towards racial, social, economic, and immigration justice in this country. Specifically, I aim to conduct research that details the deleterious effects of discrimination on the mental health of minority individuals to directly inform mental health policy. Without my time at UNCW, I would not be the person that I am today.”

      Robert Cox Jr. - Click for larger image

    Jennifer Diodonet

    Jennifer Diodonet moved to Cary, N.C., in 2008 and works at a premier advertising agency in Durham as the executive assistant to the Chief Creative Officer of the agency. McKinney handles advertising for such clients as Nationwide Insurance, Sherwin Williams paint and Qwest communications.

    Katie Glaken

    Katie Glaken lives in Wilmington and works at a pre-school/child care called SOLA, just a few minutes from UNCW. She is not married and doesn't have any kids (except the ones she teaches). "I have one female roomie -- my 6-month-old puppy, Cioppino (like the Italian seafood stew) whom my boyfriend and I adopted from PetSmart in late September. She is a beautiful mutt who is a joy to play with and watch as she grows and changes."

      Katie Glaken - Click for larger imageKatie Glaken - Click for larger image

    Jon Schneiderman

    Jon Schneiderman graduated with a master's in English in May of 2007 and in June enrolled in the summer Ph.D. program in Composition and TESOL at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He returned to UNCW to teach as an adjunct from August 2007 until May of 2008. In May of 2008 his wife and he purchased a dive shop in Bocas del Toro, Panama ( and have been enjoying living the tropical island lifestyle ever since.
    "In addition to teaching scuba diving, running a successful business and exploring the Bocas archipelago, I have volunteered to teach basic English to the local police force, as well as contributed articles on the area's fragile marine ecosystem to the local expat newspaper."
    He hopes to return to IUP in the summer of 2010 to finish his doctorate coursework and begin the dissertation process.

      *Jon Schneiderman - Click for larger image

  • 2006
    Heather Noelle Bauer

    Heather Noelle Bauer lives in Asheville, N.C., and works as Recruitment and Outreach Manager for the leading provider of non-medical home care. She screens, hires and trains professional caregivers to provide support to those who have such incredible wisdom!
    Heather's focus is on dementia care, where she also assists family caregivers in training and offering valuable resources for respite.
    "In my near 7 years post-graduation working with this company, I have continually recognized the value communication has, both verbally and non-verbally, to enhance lives and convey important messages appropriately."
    "I own my own home, practice yoga, act as tourist in my own town often, play in the outdoors any chance I get, and continue to write -- mostly for the job (newsletters, handbooks and other professional means of communication)."
    Heather is godmother to two lovely children and visits her sister and her family in Wilmington often, but wishes she could be there more!
    Heather has certifications in dementia care and grant writing, additional education in 35mm photography and am called upon in WNC regularly for speaking engagements and panels for topics relevant to aging issues and caregiving challenges.
    In addition, she serves as a facilitator for workshops, such as A Matter of Balance, an evidence-based program for increasing activity levels and reducing the fear of falling among older adults.
    "In supervising 180 employees, I remind myself regularly that I'll have plenty of material for a book in the near future! Construct/deconstruct/reconstruct! I give great respect to all the talent that has originated from this program! Also, I am a grammar stickler at work, but forgive easily of those who have not had direction from grammarians of caliber."

    "I will have a mojito sometime soon in your (Shirley Mathews) honor and, if (Dan) Nolan is still there, will you assure him I have a pencil? Also, (Nick) Laudadio forever shaped my world."

      Heather Nicole Bauer - Click for larger image Heather Nicole Bauer - Click for larger image Heather Nicole Bauer - Click for larger image Heather Nicole Bauer - Click for larger image Heather Nicole Bauer - Click for larger image
    Heather Nicole Bauer - Click for larger image

    Nathan Branson

    Nathan Branson graduated with a masters degree in English from UNCG in 2012. He recently became an English faculty member at Carteret Community College and lives in Morehead City, N.C., next to the college. On a weekly basis, he attempts to persuade his students to transfer to UNCW instead of ECU. His main challenge as a teacher is to persuade the students who say "they can't write," that certain rewriting methods and practice will help them become writers. He started a blog in June 2015 (

      Nathan Branson - Click for larger image

    Heather Brown

    Heather Brown enrolled in the Ph.D. program in English at the University of Maryland and is now in the third year and on track to finish by spring 2010. Her focus is in rhetoric and composition, and her dissertation is currently titled "Personal Testimony, Emotional Evidence, and Public Debate: A Case Study of the Post-Abortion Movement." She lives in Takoma Park, Md., with her partner, Jake Hinkson, MFA '06. He also teaches at the University of Maryland.

      Heather Brown - Click for larger image

    Wendy Chilcote

    Wendy Chilcote graduated with a bachelor's degree in English Literature and went back to UNCW and earned her licensure in middle grades language arts and social studies from the Watson School of Education. She recently accepted a position at Topsail Middle School where she teaches language arts and social studies to eighth-graders.

    Krista Jevons

    Krista Jevons has been married for eight years as of 2012, and she received a master's degree in education from the college of Saint Rose in December 2010. She is certified to teach early childhood, childhood and high school English in New York State and is currently teaching Kindergarten in Rensselaer, N.Y.
    "I love teaching young children and wake up happy to go to work each day. I enjoy working out and being outside. I spend my summers working in my organic garden and relaxing with a book at the beach. This past summer, I spent traveling around Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand with a friend. I have a blog about my travels called Expecting the Unexpected and greatly enjoy writing."
    "Someday, I will be a published author. In the meantime, I continue to muse on the mysteries of life."

      Krista Jevons - Click for larger image

    Kai Oliver-Kurtin

    Kai Oliver-Kurtin lives in Charleston, S.C., and works for a national book publisher, Arcadia Publishing, as senior publicist. Her role mainly focuses on booking publicity events, garnering media coverage and working closely with authors nationwide. She has had two promotions in three years and has won five awards from the South Carolina chapter of Public Relations Society of America for her work in publishing. Kai, a self-proclaimed "beach bum," continues to spend weekends by the ocean-just as she did while attending UNCW.

      Kai Oliver Kurtin - Click for larger image

    Michael Lombardo

    Michael Lombardo lives in San Diego, Calif., and splits his time as the publisher of a San Diego Chargers Web site and as the editor for a site that covers So Cal's intense soccer scene. He is the editor for XK Publishing and a publisher for Scout Media.

      Michael Lombardo - Click for larger image

    Brian Luke

    Brian Luke worked for a couple of years as a technical writer for The North Carolina State Employees Credit Union. After that, he joined the Peace Corps and taught English and Health in a small village in Armenia for 2½ years. "I just recently married a fellow volunteer that I met there and we are about to head to China to teach English. Not really sure which country we'll end up in after that."

      Brian Luke - click for larger image *Brian Luke

    Adrienne Peacock

    Adrienne Peacock graduated with a bachelor's in English with a focus in Literature and bachelor's in History.
    In 2009, she earned a JD from University of Richmond and is not working in Raleigh, N.C., as a Hearing Officer of the Department of Health and Human Services.

    Jerilyn Slate Turkovich

    Jerilyn Slate Turkovich did a brief stint at a Wilmington public relations firm before being offered a teaching position with Onslow County Schools. Since January 2007, she has been a 10th grade English teacher at Richlands High School in Richlands, N.C. "In North Carolina, the standard course of study for the 10th grade is focused on writing -- one of the reasons I love the job." She married in 2008 and visited him in the Kingdom of Bahrain for Christmas -- he was on assignment with the Marine Corps. They are expecting their first child, and they will be moving to Johnstown, Penn., in July 2009.

      Jerilyn Slate Turkovich - Click for larger image * Jerilyn Slate Turkovich - Click for larger image * Jerilyn Slate Turkovich - Click for larger image

    Shelley Smith

    Shelley Smith moved home to Salisbury after graduation where she started freelance reporting for The Salisbury Post, a daily newspaper, in Jan. 2007. After four months of living with mom and dad, it was time to move on, and she was hired full-time at The Avery Journal-Times in Newland, N.C., a weekly where she has been since April 2007. "Most people have never heard of Newland; however, Newland is the county seat of beautiful Avery County (home to Grandfather Mountain, Linville Falls, Blue Ridge Parkway, ski resorts ... you get the picture). I never thought I'd get used to moving from the coast to the mountains, but I absolutely love it up here." Shelly spends her spare time being outdoors, taking photographs and driving along the Parkway.
    As a reporter, she covers crime for three counties: Avery, Mitchell, and Carter (located in Tenn.). I also cover Board of Education meetings, Avery County Planning Board meetings, fires, wrecks, criminal court trials, Fire Association and Fire Commission meetings. "There is an endless amount of events that take place in the mountains, and I cover those as well - such as, the Woolly Worm Festival, Autumn at Oz, and the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games."

    "The mountain culture (and climate) is much different than that of Wilmington, and I have adjusted as well as possible when the temperatures are below zero! The local residents in Avery County have welcomed me with open arms, and everyone treats me like I'm part of their family. It's a great place to live, and the BEST place to visit if you're wanting to get away to the mountains for a weekend. For fun, I like to visit stops on the Blue Ridge Parkway and take photos or go for a hike."

    Although she loves being in newspapers, she is looking into going back to school to become a high school English teacher.

      Shelly Smith - Click for larger image

    In memoriam: Satu Harris

    Satu Harris died May 9, 2010, in a car crash in Brunswick County.
    She worked as a freelancer for the Wilmington Star-News and showed her landscape photographs at a few exhibitions and displays. Her musician photos were published in magazines including The Beat and Wilma. She worked for Verizon Wireless as a customer service representative. "I absolutely love it there! My kids are officially teenagers (13, 14 and 15), and they are all taller than me now."
    Satu was 38.

      Satu Harris - Click for larger image

  • 2005
    Hunter Alexander

    Hunter Alexander moved back to Atlanta and in late 2006, he was hired by BellSouth Intelligent Media Ventures as a Web site editor. A year later, he accepted the position of project manager with a company owned by a family friend, then returned to BellSouth (AT&T Advertising and Publishing since AT&T took over) in the summer of 2008. He was married in 2007, and the couple lives in the Virginia-Highlands area of Atlanta. "We have three dogs, which makes the house seem like a barn at times but it's also a whole lot of fun. I do miss living at the beach, but Atlanta is home. We have lots of friends and family close by, and there's always something fun to do here." If anyone would like to contact Hunter, his e-mail address is

    Donnis Che' Bell

    Donnis Che' Bell worked for Wachovia after graduation, starting as a teller and then transitioning into the mortgage world, where, after a few months, she began training new hires in California and Florida. "When my travels ended, I received an offer from Liberty Mutual that I could not refuse: managing disability claims." In January 2009, Donnis moved to Charlotte, after living in Wilmington for almost eight years. "I also recently got married in May 2009 in the Virgin Islands and bought my first home. All very exciting things!"

    Donnis Che' Bell - Click for larger photo Donnis Che' Bell - Click for larger image  Donnis Che' Bell - Click for larger image

    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown continued his education at ECU and received his teacher's certification. He lives in Rose Hill, N.C., and teaches high school English at an alternative learning center and is still writing and reading. Chris recently got married, and is finding that "time is an extremely difficult commodity to procure."

    "I also want to personally thank the staff and instructors of the English Department for your commitment to a quality education. Sometimes the realization of how amazing of an education that we receive doesn't kick in until we are in the 'real world.' … I truly miss my days within the walls of Morton Hall."

    Chris Brown - Click for larger photo *Chris Brown - Click for larger image

    Melanie Bussi Morgan

    Melanie Bussi Morgan graduated with a bachelor's degree and went on to earn her master's in 2007. She teaches English at Wake Technical Community Colleges in Raleigh. The wedding photo at left is of she and her husband, Robert Morgan Jr., when they married at the Bellamy Mansion in Wilmington.

    Melanie Bussi Morgan - Click for larger photo

    Elizabeth (Dodd) Sherrod

    After six years as an attorney in private practice, Elizabeth accepted a job as Assistant General Counsel of the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Tenn.

    Ceri-Louise Mobley (Frid)

    Ceri-Louise Mobley (Frid) lives in Florida and enjoys her work with the PGA TOUR. "We have really revamped our features for this season, and I am also going to be taking on some additional editorial duties. I'll be managing the section for the Nationwide Tour, which includes coming up with story ideas, managing the freelancers and formulating a content budget."

    Elizabeth Jean Tingen (Biggs)

    Elizabeth Jean Tingen (Biggs) is a policy analyst for North Carolina Farm Bureau and lives in Youngsville, N.C . She got married in October 2008 at Topsail Island.

    Elizabeth Jean Tingen Biggs - Click for larger image

    Amber (Stewart) Holland

    Amber (Stewart) Holland married William Holland, who is a firefighter with Fort Bragg Emergency Services.  As of 2016, they have two children: Keely Shay Holland, 8, and William Gist Holland, 4. "I have been teaching 7th grade English language arts for the past 11 years. I taught at spring Lake Middle School in Fayetteville, N.C., for seven years before moving to South View Middle School in Hope Mills, N.C., where I taught for three years. Now, I am in my second year at John Griffin Middle School in Hope Mills, N.C. In addition to obtaining my teaching certification, I also earned my National Board Certification in early adolescence language arts.  I have many fond memories of UNCW and the English department; I still often think of my professors from UNCW and the impact they made on me as a person and an educator."

    Amber Stwart Holland - Click for larger image Amber Stwart Holland - Click for larger image

    Kerry Freeman (Fryar)

    Kerry Freeman (Fryar) met her husband in Dr. Elizabeth Ervin's class ("…and [to whom] we owe our happiness …") and were married after graduation in 2006 at Orton Plantation while she was teaching at Trask Middle School in Wilmington. They now live in Lenoir, N.C. - "Yes, it is as small as it sounds." -- and welcomed Chloe Ann Freeman to their family in August 2010 "… and are enjoying every second."

    Kerry teaches English I and Communication Skills at West Caldwell High School. "My students are clueless when it comes to grammar, so I am using Dr. Veit's technique and teaching them the diagram tree -- do you all remember that class? Thanks to him, my students now understand the concept of a prepositional phrase having to have a noun phrase. The Seahawks will always have a special place in my heart ... FEEL THE TEAL!

    Thank you to all the professors and English peers who, even though they may not know it, continue to teach me on a daily basis. God bless!"

    Kerry Freeman Fryar - Click for larger imageKerry Freeman Fryar - Click for larger image

    Teresa Kleitches

    Teresa Kleitches moved to Raleigh in 2006 to take a job at the North Carolina Supreme Court Library, in which she works in the technical services department, and bought a home the same year. "When I'm not working, I co-organize a community support group and attend concerts everywhere from Chapel Hill to Atlanta. My next goal is to pursue a master's degree in Library Science."

      Teresa Kleitches - Click for larger image

    Mallory Brady

    Mallory Brady is in law school at the University of South Carolina and will graduate in May 2009. She is engaged and plans to move to West Virginia in May and take the bar exam.

    Melissa Puritis

    Melissa Puritis went on to receive her master's degree in 2008. Still in Wilmington, she teaches Advanced Placement Language and Literature at a local high school and works part time at Cape Fear Community. While hoping to someday return to school for a Ph.D., her time now is filled with creative writing and travel. She recently married Gene Pulley, III.

      Melissa Puritis - Clilck for larger image

    Allison Hope Knight

    Allison Hope Knight traveled around Europe for four months after graduation, visiting friends she had met during her study abroad experience in Swansea, Wales during the spring of 2003.

    "I explored over 20 countries, and I had an incredible experience!" Allison now lives around Hillsborough. "I spent several years to helping her grandmother, Elizabeth Allison, who was a vibrant 99-year-old that loved to travel to the mountains and beach."

    "I am so grateful for the special times that Granny Elizabeth and I shared."

    Allison worked at the Orange County Public Library and also at libraries in Hillsborough and Cedar Grove. She also worked as a courier, distributing books to branches at Carrboro, Person and Caswell.

    She spent a year and a half teaching English in Harbin, China, and worked at a private school, as well as a university called Ha Shi Da. Allison taught English to more than 300 freshmen English majors. She was able to travel throughout China, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines while she was in Asia.

    Allison has recently begun an interim position teaching English as a Second Language at Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough, N.C.:

    Heather Cline

    Heather Cline teaches high school English in Asheville, N.C., after a three-year stint of teaching at Topsail High, near Wilmington. "I am not married, do not have any children and have developed a strong passion for travel; I even chaperoned a trip to Europe with a group of students! I am enjoying my new home in the mountains and plan to stay here for at least a little while."

      Heather Cline - Click for larger image

    Jennifer Dauphinais (Bradshaw)

    Jennifer Dauphinais (Bradshaw) lives in Wilmington with her husband, Paul, and dog, Duke. She works with the American Cancer Society as a community manager for four surrounding counties.

  • 2004
    Leigh Dingle

    Leigh Dingle returned to UNCW and earned her BSW in 2004. Over the past 12 years, Leigh has with young children and their families in a variety of positions. In August 2012, she earned her Early Childhood degree from Mount Olive College of Wilmington, and currently she is in the MAEd/Special Education program through University of Phoenix.

    "I will forever be indebted to the English department for all of the experiences, teachings, and advice I received while in the program."

      Leigh Dingle - Click for larger image

    Ginny Gaweda

    Ginny Gaweda received an M.A. in European history in 2007 with a specialization in medieval history. Now, she teaches history courses for a community college and loves every minute of it. "I blend my love for literature into my lessons, so that my students may also realize the significant role literature has played in reflecting society at various points in history. Literature will always be a passion of mine, and I have found a place for it in my life. History taught me how to ask questions and define the 'facts,' but literature revealed that there was so much more depth to being human. It added a layer of richness to my life that I hope other students will one day learn to appreciate."

    She is an Associate Professor in History, as well as a Program Coordinator for History and Political Science at Sandhills Community College.

    Rebecca Germain (Lanham)

    Rebecca Germain (Lanham) married Talin downtown on The Henrietta almost five years ago "and life is great!" She and her husband moved back to Raleigh, where she wrote marketing collateral for IBM's Human Ability and Accessibility Center. After four years, she went back to school for a master's and is back at UNCW studying for an MFA in Creative Writing. "I'm so happy to be back at UNCW doing what I love: writing. 2008 was a big year for us, with graduate school and moving, but it was a huge year because we also opened our first business in Wilmington, a car repair shop called Import Performance."

      Rebecca Germain Lanham - Click for larger image

    Kenneth Luck

    Kenneth Luck lives in in Greensboro, N.C., and is an account executive at RLF Communications, a public relations and marketing agency in Greensboro. He earned a M.A. in Communications from UNC Charlotte and won the 2008 Outstanding PR Campaign Award-Tar Heel PRSA Spinks Awards.

      Kenneth Luck - Click for larger image

    Kara Brooke Still

    Kara Brooke Still works in the film industry in Wilmington as a script supervisor. She recently won an Indie Award for Merit for her feature film, Altared, which she both wrote and directed. Take a look at the trailer for Altared at Kara recently got engaged and plans to marry in September 2009.

      Kara Brooke Still - Click for larger image

    Heidi Thompson (Belcher)

    Heidi Thompson (Belcher) married Eli Thompson '04, and they have a 4-year-old son named Asher. "I am now teaching third grade at Roger Bacon Academy in Leland, N.C., and could not be happier. Although teaching was not the direction I intended to go in, I'm so happy I found it. My family and I live in Leland and are very happy."

      Heidi Thompson Belcher - Click for larger image

    Erika Veth

    Erika Veth is Director of Online Education at Oregon Institute of Technology.
    She is also Term Faculty of English Composition at the University of Alaska Anchorage, where she also earned her master's in 2008. She serves as the advisor to student clubs Sigma Tau Delta (the English Honor Society) and Understory, UAA's creative arts journal.

    On Jan. 18, 2014, Erika and her partner, Phil McGovern, became the proud parents of their second child, Juniper Susan Veth-McGovern. She joins her big brother, Quinn Carleton Veth-McGovern, who was born In May 2009. They live in Girdwood, Alaska. Their dog is named North. "I feel extremely blessed!"

      Erika Veth - Click for larger image

    Bambi Weavil

    Bambi Weavil is CEO and Publisher of Out Impact, Inc. and CEO of Out Impact Productions. Out Impact is a national gay online magazine focusing on making a positive impact in the gay community. She also produces events that help raise awareness and partial proceeds for various non-profits. She manages and is the publicist for clients in the sports and entertainment fields. "I stay busy, busy, busy." She was featured on the front page of the local/state section of the Wilmington Star News on January 4, 2009.

     Bambi Weavil - Click for larger image    

  • 2003
    Christina Adams Burchette

    Christina Adams Burchette lives in Kernersville, N.C., and works for a local church as a media assistant. She is married to Anthony Burchette, who also graduated from UNCW. They have two wonderful dogs. Her greatest adventure: "A mission trip to Kenya. I learned more in 10 days than I ever thought possible!"

    Allison Andrews Albert

    Allison Andrews Albert has been teaching English for five years and earned her master's in English Education from UNC Greensboro in 2006. She currently teaches ninth- and tenth-grade English at Westchester Country Day School in High Point, N.C. She married John Albert in 2008, and they live in High Point.

    Anna Maria Cancelli

    Anna Maria Cancelli graduated with an MA in English Literature in 2003 and has been a fulltime English Instructor at Coastal Carolina Community College since 2004. In 2008 she was honored with the distinction of Educator of the Year for her work in curriculum development. She loves all things Halloween and pirates and has been a volunteer for the Swansboro Historical Association and Onslow County Parks and Recreation for many years where she helps coordinate the Halloween Hayride Fund Raiser to benefit the Swansboro Historical Association and also helps coordinate Pirate Fest sponsored by Onslow County Parks and Recreation held annually in Swansboro. She loves being a volunteer in the greater Onslow County region and also facilitates educational programs at Missiles and More Museum on Topsail Island.

      Anna Maria Cancelli - Click for larger image

    Kristin Crowson

    Kristin Crowson lives in Chicago, where she moved after graduating from UNCW. There she works in marketing and international business development. For the past two years, she has managed the Midwest region and Canada for The Datamyne, Inc., an international trade research firm. "I work closely with clients and help with market analysis using our global trade resources."

      Kristin Crowson - Click for larger image

    Andrea Dunford (Sichani)

    Andrea Dunford (Sichani) married fellow UNCW alumnus Taylor Dunford (2006), who is in the environmental science department. AFter graduation, we relocated to Fort Worth, Texas. Currently, Andrea works at The University of Texas at Arlington where she is the financial assistant at the Automations and Robotics Research Institute, which is under the engineering department. She is responsible for coordinating the financial and administrative end of grants from the proposal stage to funding. Andrea graduated with a masters in May 2007. , Taylor Dunford, graduated with an Environmental Science degree.

    Maile Kim

    Maile Kim was a Pre-K teacher until she took an opportunity to move to Charlotte, N.C., in 2005. She worked with Levine Museum of the New South in the Education and Programs Department as Program Manager, then in 2008, moved to Actor's Theatre of Charlotte where she was Director of Communications and Sales, and recently transitioned out of the arts sector to ConferencDirect where she is a Global Project Manager.

    Maile is currently involved with the Community Building Initiative's Leaders Under 40 program, sits on the Steering Committee for the Arts and Science Council's Young Donors Society, and is the College Chapter Director for the Zeta Xi Chapter of Delta Zeta.

    She lives in the Lake Norman area with her two fur babies, Evie and Elcee.

    "I'm so happy to see that some of my favorite professors are still at UNCW. Many thanks to Professors Ashe, Nolan, and Walker for everything you taught me!"

      Maile Kim - Click for larger image

    Emily (White) Nanney

    Emily (White) Nanney earned a masters in English Education from New York University and worked for a small-town newspaper for four years. Emily went back to school at UNC-Chapel Hill for nursing and has been working since 2009 as an in-patient oncology nurse at UNC. She married in 2009 and has two boys (ages 3 and 5 as of 2016). They live in Wake Forest, N.C.

      Emily White Nanney - Click for larger image
  • 2002
    Heather Congo

    Heather Congo went to grad school at theUniversity of Kentucky where she also taught for two years while completing her master's. She now lives in Huntsville, Ala., with her husband, Ray, her 2 1/2-year-old son, Slade, and she has a baby girl, Evelynn, on the way in March 2010. Heather teaches English and Reading at Wallace State Community College. "I love what I do, and I truly believe if it weren't for UNCW and the outstanding English Department faculty, I would not be where I am today. I especially want to recognize and thank Dr. Janet Ellerby; she inspired me more than she will ever know."

      Heather Congo - Click for larger image * Heather Congo - Click for larger image * Heather Congo - Click for larger image

    Yoko Tanaka

    Yoko Tanaka works in Japan and has a small private English teaching practice with a handful of good students. "My free schedule allows me time to take care of my grandparents."

    Rachel Urban

    Rachel Urban was a student-athlete, participating in varsity women's soccer under Head Coach Paul Cairney. "Although it feels like just yesterday that I was roaming the halls of Morton, I realize after gathering my thoughts on career paths, relationships and life in general that it has been over six years since I was a student." She moved to hometown Greensboro, N.C., and got a lateral entry teaching position at Page High School, the school that she attended. She moved back to Wilmington and began teaching exceptional children at New Hanover High School. After two years, she was offered a position at a local mental health agency that specialized in Therapeutic Foster Care, for the most severely abused and neglected children. She is now working for the NC Division of Public Health, specifically the state's Comprehensive Cancer Program in Partnership with the American Cancer Society. It is a position that involves grant-writing, outreach, health education and prioritizing the cancer needs in each county in her 17-county region in Southeastern North Carolina. "Needless to say, I spend a lot of time in my car. It is great work and lots to be done in my role."

    "I thank the UNCW English Department for giving me the gift of a great education and the ability to focus on my writing skills and writing development. I know it has provided me with a strong sense of confidence. I love living here in Wilmington and have found peace in volunteerism ... ranging from Running Events to Cancer Events to Latino Events ... so much work to be done. "

    "I completed the Richmond Marathon in Virginia in November 2008. The 26.2-mile journey is another experience that I will never forget ... my legs won't either. Professors, to answer your question on how we all turned out: Life is good. Thanks so much, and I love and miss UNCW!"

    Rachel is running her second marathon with hopes of qualifying for the Boston marathon in Spring 2010.

      Rachel Urban - Click for larger image Rachel Urban - Click for larger image Rachel Urban - Click for larger image

  • 2001
    Ebony Freeland Bryant

    Ebony Freeland Bryant married Kevin Bryant in 2006, and has welcomed two "awesome little girls" into their lives: Sanai Brielle, born Christmas Day 2008; and Kennedi Delayne, born 2010.

    "After graduation, I worked in the Admissions office at UNCW for almost 5 years before moving to Alexandria, Va. I am now settled in Durham, N.C., working in the Admissions office at the Duke University School of Law. I often cherish my time at UNCW, especially those days at Morton Hall!"

      Ebony Freeland Bryant - Click for larger image

    Laurie Meadows

    Laurie Meadows previously worked for Coastal AHEC (now South East AHEC) in Student Services before finding my niche at INC Research (formerly Kendle International).

    Laurie has been with INC for 6 years, and just celebrated her one-year anniversary in 2013 as a Quality Review Specialist in their Medical Writing department.

    "My time in Morton Hall was enjoyable and helped me to land my dream job!"

  • 2000
    Koyah (Alston) Rivera

    Koyah (Alston) Rivera is a national TV Host with the BSC Network. Further, she is a motivatinal speaker/actress/and the CEO of Step N2 College Inc., and has a local TV Show called Step N2 College TV Show, which prepares students for college and careers, while encouraging them to use education to reach their dreams. As a seasoned journalist, Koyah has interviewed countless celebrities including: bestselling author/actor Hill Harper, actress/comedienne Kim Coles, syndicated radio host Russ Parr, actor/comedian Rodney Perry, TV personalities Vanessa & Angela Simmons, and many others. She has also worked as an educator and most recently as a Pre-College Outreach Coordinator at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, before leaving to attend graduate school full-time.
    Koyah is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the School of Education at NC A&T State University in Leadership Studies with a concentration in higher education.

      Koyah Rivera - Click for larger image

    Michelle Britt

    Michelle Britt also earned her M.A. from UNCW in 2003 and teaches literature and composition classes at UNCW and Cape Fear Community College. "I traveled a lot since then ... hitting my 30th country in March -- Peru. Yippy!" She is not married, but has two cats "that are my kids."

    Kim Small

    Kim Small lives in Wilmington and Whiteville and is a Spanish teacher at Southeastern Community College in Whiteville, after working seven years at New Hanover High School. Kim is the first New Hanover County National Board Certified Spanish teacher and taught ESL part time with Cape Fear Community College from 2002-2004. She also taught Health Care English to migrant workers in the former Migrant Center in Rocky Point, N.C. She has studied in Peru and Ecuador for graduate credit. She earned her MALS degree with a concentration in Hispanic Studies in 2007 from UNCW and won the Ralph Brauer Award in order to do research in Ecuador on Manuela Saenz for the MALS final project.

    Kim Small - Click for larger photoKim Small - Click for larger photo * Kim Small - Click for larger photo

    Jason Tyson

    Jason Tyson is now working in Raleigh in Governor McCrory's press office as of May 2016. Prior to this position, Tyson had a 15-year publishing career in North Carolina and New York. Recently, Jason spent three and a half years as a reporter at The State Port Pilot in Southport.

    Jason Tyson

  • 1999
    Jonathan Auten

    Jonathan Auten, DO, LCDR(sel)MC(FS) USN, is currently a third-year resident physician in emergency medicine at Naval Medical Center San Diego. Since graduating UNCW, he took a military scholarship to Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, finished a transitional internship at Naval Medical Center San Diego, and did a three-year tour as a flight surgeon for Carrier Airwing Two.
    "If Dan Noland or Lavonne Adams are still there, I send my warmest wishes."

    Jonathan Auten - Click for larger image *Jason Tyson - Click for larger image

    Phylis Diana Black

    Phylis Diana Black earned a master's of liberal arts in History from Auburn University in Montgomery in 2006 and a master's of English literature from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2011. She is a major in the Air Force and has served in California, Alabama, Iraq, Colorado, and (currently) works with NATO in Izmir, Turkey. She married Michelle Dean in February 2012 in Victoria, B.C. In spring 2013, she'll return to teach English composition, literature, and public speaking to cadets at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

    "For my former profs: I'd like you to know that I enjoyed your classes tremendously - even when I felt I was suffering. I still think of you from time to time, and I remain inspired by your various approaches and attitudes to teaching, to writing and to literature. So many parts of my life are a blur, with names and faces I don't remember well or at all. My time at UNCW is an exception to that rule. Thank you all for what you gave me. If I can do the same for even one of my students, I will die knowing I lived well."

    Phylis Diana Black - Click for larger image

    Shannon Kelly Hibbard

    Shannon Kelly Hibbard earned her master's in 2002 and recently moved to Raleigh, where she works as an e-clinical specialist for Cornerstone Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company in Cary. "I write code because in my former life and during grad school I started doing Web pages. My thesis was actually about rhetoric and advertising on the Internet, so it was a natural progression." She also teaches part time online at the University of Phoenix.

      Shannon Kelly Hibbard - Click for larger image

  • 1998
    Lara Keaton Barber

    Lara Keaton Barber has been teaching high school English at West Bladen High School for the past six years. She has been married to Jeremy for eight years, they have a 4-year-old daughter, Tamia, and live in Whiteville, N.C. She is also a NC Teaching Fellows alumni.

      Lara Keaton Barber - Click for larger image

    Tracy Nazarchyk Pagnozzi

    Tracy Nazarchyk Pagnozzi, after getting her bachelor's, enrolled in the graduate English program for Critical Literacy "with the encouragement and guidance of my beloved mentor and friend, Dr. Betsy Ervin," receiving her master's in Critical Literacy in 2000. For the past 10 years, Tracy has worked in healthcare and pharmaceuticals to improve the communication between provider and patient and assist in the writing that brings new drugs to the market. She is the President and CEO of WriteRx Consulting, Inc., a company she founded in 2009 that combines her interests in both literacy and healthcare. She is currently working on a grant proposal to study why the poor have so many inaccurate diagnoses. She also writes patient education material to help people better understand their health, their choices and their responsibilities.

    Tracy's husband also went to UNCW - although they didn't know each other then -- married in 2005 and moved to Raleigh in 2006. They have two beautiful whippets. Tracy is President of the Triangle Chapter of the UNCW Alumni Association and is still actively involved in the life of the university.

    "Without question, I would not enjoy the success I have today without the education and preparation I received from UNCW, so it is my pleasure to give back in both time and financial contributions."

      Tracy Nazarchyk Pagnozzi - Click for larger image

  • 1997
    Sara Condrey (Scheidemann)

    Sara Condrey (Scheidemann) lives in Atlanta, Ga., and works at Fiserv as a vice president in the IT organization. "I run the Fiserv Enterprise Technology PMO (Project Management Organization). I've been with my company for eight years."

      Sara Condrey (Scheidemann) - click for larger image * Sara Condrey (Scheidemann) - click for larger image

    Jeanna Frye

    Jeanna Frye earned her US Customs Brokerage License in 2004 and has worked in the field of International Trade for 10 years. She is the Manager for International Operations at Syngenta Crop Protection, an $11 billion global agricultural company with its North American base in Greensboro, N.C. Jeanna manages compliance and operations. "I have a partner of 7 years, Sonia Chalmers, and we have a son born Sept. 15, 2009, Miles Fox Chalmers-Frye."

    "Some of my fondest memories from my UNCW days are poetry classes with Dr. Kathy Rugoff, Shakespeare (Summer Session) with Dr. Lewis Walker and my Senior Seminar, among others, with Dr. Mike Wentworth."

      Jeanna Frye - Click for larger image * Jeanna Frye - Click for larger image * Jeanna Frye - Click for larger image

    Amy Glass

    Amy Glass is a Special Prosecutor with the Chester County District Attorneys Office in Pennsylvania. She plans on getting married this summer (June 2011) in Venice, Italy. She graduated from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta.

    Helen Harriss Ley

    Helen Harriss Ley majored/received her degree in Professional and Creative Writing. She married Ryan Ley, who is an officer in the USCG and also an instructor on Camp Lejuene, in 2009.

    Helen worked in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 10 years before becoming a housewife and now stay-at-home mom to our 10-week-old son (as of December 2013).

    "It's hard to believe that I moved into the dorms 20 years ago and have called Wilmington my home ever since. I will always cherish the memories that I carry from my four years as a UNCW student and English major."

      Helen Harriss Ley - Click for larger image

    Melissa Shaw Pierick

    Melissa Shaw Pierick did various internships after graduation at local newspapers, including the Topsail Voice, but decided full-time journalism was not for her. She has been a professional marketing copywriter for the past 10 years and currently works for TDS, a mid-sized broadband and phone company that serves customers nationwide, including the tiny market of Fair Bluff, N.C., and writes in all sorts of media: direct mail, billboards, radio spots, web ads and more. "On a daily basis, I apply the skills I learned working as an intern in UNCW's University Advancement Department and in Dr. Bushman's Argumentative Writing course. "

    "I absolutely love what I do! I feel that I bring a journalistic approach to everything I write-I am concise and always put myself in the shoes of the customer. What do they want to know? How would they read this? What would make them buy the product? I feel so proud to actually be using my major! In my spare time, I continue to freelance for local newspapers."

    Melissa lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She is married and has 1-year-old and 4-year-old daughters.

    Kristen Smith (Socker)

    Kristen Smith (Socker) lives in Wilmington, was married in 2007, and has a 5-year-old stepson, Caleb, and a 14-month-old son, Jesse. She is a stay-at-home mom and the office manager for her husband's heating and air company, CBS Mechanical Services. She keeps her writing skills up-to-date by doing freelance editing jobs, many online, and some for various law enforcement offices throughout the state. "I live for my kids and love playing with and reading to them. I did get open water certified in scuba diving on my honeymoon and have had close encounters with stingrays and other such cool marine life."

      Kristen Smith (Socker) - Click for larger image

  • 1996
    Chase T. Brockstedt

    Chase T. Brockstedt became an equity partner in the firm Baird Mandalas Brockstedt, LLC in 2013 and is a trial lawyer, practicing civil litigation. He and his wife, Kelly, have two daughters: Sawyer Laken (age 7 as of December 2013), and Hudson Sailor (4½).

    Chase Brockstedt - Click for larger image * Chase Brockstedt - Click for larger image

    Wendi Christner

    Wendi Christner lives in Tampa, Florida, with her husband, Mike, and son, Evan. "In recent years, I've pursued my dream of becoming an author. I won the 2008 Linda Howard Award of Excellence and RWA's Duel on the Delta contest for one of my romance novels. My coming-of-age story, The Water Bearer, was released earlier this year in e-book and print. Life's treating me very well!"

      Wendi Christner - Click for larger image * Wendi Christner - Click for larger image

    Lisa Davis Hill

    Lisa Davis Hill graduated Magna Cum Laude and with honors in English. In 2000, she married Mike Hill and moved to Asheville, N.C.. for three years. Lisa has one son, Jonathan Davis, who lives in Wilmington, and she also has a beautiful blended family with her husband, Mike, who brought two daughters (Sara and Beth Hill) and two sons (Rob and Tony Hill) to their marriage. The children currently live in different areas across the USA. Lisa and Mike enjoy traveling together and spending time with their family and friends.

    "After graduation, my career in banking flourished, and I worked in both management and in Retail/Business Banking. Today, I am a Vice President and Business Banker with First Citizens Bank in Wilmington, N.C. I joined FCB back in May of 2007 and really take great pride in working for a company that is among the Top 10 Banks in the nation! Part of what I do as a business banker is credit analysis and underwriting. I also have to do a great deal of research about the companies we are going to lend money to, and then sell the story to the bank."

    "I truly believe my English degree gave me the tools to be successful in helping people grow their small businesses, the research and the high level of analytical writing I learned as an undergraduate student at UNCW has proven to be very valuable skills in my professional career today. The English Department, by far, made my experience as a student one of the most rewarding of my life, and the great faculty and professors I had during my time at UNCW made a significant impact on me both as a student, and the person I am today."

      Lisa Davis Hill - Click for larger image

    Karen Southerland Jackson

    Karen Southerland Jackson taught English at Hoggard High School in Wilmington, married Jarrett Jackson and is mom to identical twin boys, Will and Zach, born in 2000. They moved to the Triangle in 2003, and she is currently teaching English at Middle Creek High School in Apex, N.C.

    Karen Southerland Jackson - Click for larger image

    Rebecca (Becky) Wolf Marks

    Rebecca (Becky) Wolf Marks has lived in Boston/Cambridge, Mass., for the last 10 years and works as a franchise sales coordinator for Au Bon Pain. She earned an M.A. from Emerson College and Harvard University Extension. She married Jamie Marks in 2003. "We have a beautiful and very active 14-month-old daughter, Riley Jeanne." She is also working on launching her own business, The Happy Magpie, an eco-friendly maternity T-shirt and onesie company.

    Anne Beasley Weber

    Anne Beasley Weber married Chris Weber '96 in 2003, and the couple's daughter, Ruby Lee, was born in May 2005. They moved to San Clemente, Calif., in 2000, where Anne got two dream jobs: launching Surfing Girl magazine as associate editor, and later launching Surf Life for Women magazine as editor-in-chief.
    She surfed, traveled, met and worked with some of the best women surfers in the world. While in California, she maintained her position as event director of the East Coast Wahine Championships, an annual all-women's surfing contest held every August in Wrightsville Beach, N.C. That event began in 1997, she became director in '98 and in 2008, announced her retirement. She is staying on as a consultant and Web master of
    They moved to Seattle, Wash., in 2005, shortly before Ruby Lee was born. "A fond memory is the time we were visiting Seattle before moving here full time, and I saw that Kevin Canty was reading from his new book. I had taken his class, magazine writing, at UNCW. I remember him being cocky and a tough teacher-but after years of working as an editor of a magazine, I can only imagine how terrible our articles must have been! I have never been the greatest writer, but all those group sessions of sitting around commenting on each other's work and bringing out the real juice of a story, helped me become a pretty good editor!"
    Anne is a full-time mom and secretary at her daughter's cooperative pre-school and volunteers with the Seattle Surfrider Foundation and its large annual surfing contest, The Clean Water Classic. Her husband, Chris, has a computer security business and has co-authored and edited computer/hacking books, as well as speaking at many security conventions around the country.

      Anne Beasley Weber - Click for larger image
    Barry Wood

    Barry Wood lives in Mechanicsburg, Penn., and married Tracey on Wrightsville Beach in 2005. His stepchildren are Dennis, 17, and Courtney Harner, 19. He works for Gallagher Bassett Services, an international third-party administrator, as claims representative, handling general liability claims investigation, coverage analysis, contract interpretation, litigation, negotiation/settlement and general claims management. He serves in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, ranked as Specialist (E-4) and will start training in Officer Candidates School in March 2009. He trains in karate and is currently ranked a Yondan (fourth-degree black belt) by Sensei John Maisenhelder out of Wilmington, N.C.
    "Still reading and writing for personal pleasure, old habits die hard!"

  • 1995
    Diana Dietzschold Bourgeois

    Diana Dietzschold Bourgeois made a career of marketing after getting her M.A. in English from Clemson University. She started Magic Marketing USA, which specializes in online marketing, social media and mass marketing, and it has grown in just three short years. By the end of 2009, she hopes to finish her book.
    "I guess that is where marketing and my degree in English meet. I am a complete blogger! Another leftover from my English degree! My love of marketing was mentored by an incredible boss, and it taught me to be good to the people who work for me. We are a great team of individuals who love to succeed for others. But, more importantly, I have hired students seeking their English degree from Clemson (as they are local to our area) to pay back the opportunities I received from my degree and give them new ideas for how they can use their English degree to provide a path to success."
    She celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary in 2009, and she and her husband have traveled all over the world, "but we still call the Carolinas home with our three dogs."

      Diana Dietzschold Bourgeois - Click for larger image

    Carol Silver Pappas

    Carol Silver Pappas is the Senior Producer for the NFL Honors Awards, held annually from the Super Bowl, airing the night before the big game. Previously, she had lived in New York City and worked at ESPN for seven years. She currently resides in Manhattan Beach, Calif., with her husband, George.

    Carol Silver Pappas - Click for larger image
  • 1994
    Sheila Devaney

    Sheila Devaney ('94 M.A.)is a data services and business reference librarian at the University of Georgia Libraries. She earned a M.L.S. from North Carolina Central University in 1999 and then moved to Athens, Ga., later that year. She wound up staying in Athens and at UGA for seven years and then moved back to Chapel Hill for two years to manage a library for UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School. However, she couldn't resist Athenian life and moved back down to Georgia in 2008. Sheila is now staying put in Athens and just bought a house.
    When not answering reference questions, staffing the reference desk or working on home improvement projects, she spends vast amounts of time on the tennis courts. She also recently took up golf and is working on her short game.
    Sheila also travels a lot as her schedule allows, going to Seattle, Denver and the new Yankee Stadium in the last eight months. She also spends a lot of time in Savannah and at Tybee Island. (It's not Wrightsville, but it suffices well.) Her e-mail is:

    "A big hello to Dr. Waxman, Dr. MacLennan and Dr. Walker!"

      Sheila Devaney - Click for larger image*Sheila Devaney - Click for larger image * Sheila Devaney - Click for larger image

    Christie Faircloth-Dixon

    Christie Faircloth-Dixon earned her M.A. in 1996 and married Fred Dixon, a chief in the United States Coast Guard, in 1997. "I have been the senior women's administrator for Athletics and the student athlete success director for Charleston Southern University in beautiful Charleston, S.C., for eight years. I also teach English for the university as an adjunct when the call of the wild beckons."

    Christie Faircloth-Dixon - Click for larger image

    Michelle Kern Hines

    Michelle Kern Hines (MA '94) and her husband, Norman Hines Jr. (MA '96, BA '85), along with their son, Tamirat (or Tam), celebrated Tam's third adoption anniversary on Oct. 6, 2012. Tam, who was adopted from Ethiopia, is a kindergarten student this year. Tam enjoys reading, soccer and swimming, and wants to be a scholar, a goalie and the next Michael Phelps. Michelle is employed in the University Relations department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she writes features for the UNCG alumni magazine, Web features and press releases. She lives in Greensboro with her husband of 18 years, Norman. Norman works as a serials technologist in UNCG's Jackson Library, where he works with both print and online academic journals and databases.
    Norman, Michelle and Tam have one dog, Mackie, a Shetland Sheepdog, a happy barker who is absolutely loved by some neighbors and thoroughly despised by others.

      Michelle Kern Hines - Click for larger image *Michelle Kern Hines - Click for larger imageMichelle Kern Hines - Click for larger image

    Mandy Powell (Sams)

    Mandy Powell (Sams) works at RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company in Winston-Salem as a Distribution Planner in the Operation. She married Harrell Powell III (Trey Powell), and they have three amazing children: Carson, 12, Noah Kiger, 10, and Ella Pearl, 6.

    "We love to travel and frequent Disney World, where we have a timeshare. We are big amusement park enthusiasts (Carowinds, Disney, Pigeon Forge). We fell in love with skiing, so we bought a chalet on Beech Mountain, and we also enjoy camping in our RV. We have two dogs -- Chaney, a toy poodle, and Mabel, an English Bulldog - a cat, Jonas (Jo Jo), and a hermit crab, Hermie."

    "God has blessed me with a wonderful family and great friends. I do miss Wilmington and don't get back there as often as I'd like, but look forward to hopefully taking my family to visit UNCW's beautiful campus someday soon."

    Mandy Powell (Sams) - Click for larger image * Mandy Powell (Sams) - Click for larger image

    Kevin Quinn

    Kevin Quinn relocated from Atlanta to Raleigh in 2015-'16 to be closer to family, and for the most part, it was a good move. "There are some things about Atlanta and some friends from there that I miss, but I don't miss the traffic and the hectic pace.  
    I was able to relocate to Raleigh because I work from home full-time. I changed jobs about three years ago, and I have really enjoyed being a remote employee." In April 2016, Kevin was promoted to team lead, technical publications, for a cloud-based software company headquartered in Silicon Valley.
    Being a remote employee offered the opportunity for lots of travel. "I spent a week in Barcelona and then flew to the Czech Republic where my employer has an office. I worked from the Brno office for a week and then took the train to Budapest and spent a week there. From Budapest, I traveled to England and spent two weeks in London. I took a day trip to the Cotswolds and a day trip to the Harry Potter studio outside of London. Just before I relocated to Raleigh I spent three weeks in Western Europe. I started in Stavanger, Norway, and ventured into the beautiful fjords. From Stavanger I traveled to Oslo. The weather was beautiful, and I didn't want to leave. I made stops in Germany, Holland, and Belgium and wrapped up my travels in Paris.
    I still make it to Wrightsville Beach every year the week before Labor Day. It's amazing how much the campus has changed since I graduated in 1994.  I still think about some of my professors and wonder how they are doing.

    Kevin Quinn - Click for larger image * Kevin Quinn - Click for larger image * Kevin Quinn - Click for larger image

    Kim Ware

    Kim Ware put her degree to good use, writing for several newspapers and magazines before finding her niche in managing web content. For the past three years she's worked as programming and content strategy manager at WebMD in Atlanta, Ga., where she helps ensure audiences are satisfied with's content and experience as it relates to such areas as pain management, arthritis, women's conditions, cold & flu and more.

    When she's not working, she writes songs for her indie folk band, the Good Graces. She also ran an independent record label for 10 years called eskimo kiss records. She had sowed the seeds of her musical interests while she was at UNCW and has fond memories of supporting the Seahawks basketball team while drumming in the UNCW pep band.

    She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Mark Nanna, (whom she had met and played with in a band while in college) and their three dogs, Manny, Churchill and Buddy.

      Kim Ware - click for larger image
  • 1993
    Elise Gallivan

    Elise Gallivan lives in Cary with her husband, Jason, and four cats. After graduation, she went back to school at N.C. State, took computer science classes and eventually got a job as the Web master for Duke University financial services. She was Web developer at various companies for a number of years and was also elected to be the Web master for the Libertarian Party of North Carolina at its state convention.
    "I was a member of the executive committee and voted to sue the state of North Carolina for unconstitutional ballot access laws in 2005. That lawsuit has been underway for several years now." Working for Cisco Systems as a Web developer led to her present job as a technical editor at NetApp, a computer storage company in Research Triangle Park.
    "My parents still live in the Wilmington area and I come down to visit fairly often. I would love to move back there to be close to family and the beach one day!"

      Elise Gallivan - Click for larger image

    Amy Petrocelli Johnson

    Amy Petrocelli Johnson spent six months teaching English in the Czech Republic and traveling through Europe after graduation. "When I returned to the states, I married David Johnson '93, took graduate courses in composition and rhetoric at NC State University, taught an ESL writing course for Wake Technical Community College, and worked as a communications specialist for Cigna Healthcare."
    In 1998 Amy was hired by Special Olympics North Carolina as vice president of communications. "I left the position after six years when my twins were born [in 2004]. I returned to the organization in 2006, working on a contract basis as a grant writer while staying at home with my girls."

      Amy Petrocelli Johnson - Click for larger image

    Denise Sutton

    Denise Sutton went on to East Carolina for an M.A. in English and then went to Clark University for a Ph.D. in Women's Studies (2004). Between the master's degree and the doctorate, she was director of communications at the Harlem Children's Zone in New York City. She taught and was an administrator at the New School University and the College of New Rochelle and now works as a writer.
    Her first book, Globalizing Ideal Beauty: How Female Copywriters of the J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency Redefined Beauty for the Twentieth Century, came out September 2009 and was published by Palgrave Macmillan.

    "I was fortunate to have the most fabulous professors at UNCW - they all encouraged me to go on to graduate school. Dr. Lewis Walker, my advisor, and Dr. Andrea Deagon (Foreign Languages), Dr. Patricia Lerch (Anthropology) and Dr. Barbara Waxman all influenced my writing and teaching -- and still do. The first time I taught a class, I made a list of all the things that these professors had done that inspired me in the classroom -- that's how I created my own teaching philosophy!" Denise married Peter Metzger in 2005, and they live in Brooklyn, N.Y.

    She invites everyone to visit her Web site:

      Denise Sutton - Click for larger image

  • 1992
    Betty Littleton (Daugherty)

    Betty Littleton (Daugherty) worked for 25 years and raised and family, and then came to UNCW in the fall of 1990 to complete her degree.
    "Laughingly, I recall that as the younger students agonized over required reading of six to eight novels over a semester, I realized that I had already read most of the books."
    After graduation, Betty taught remedial and Freshman English grammar at Coastal Community College as well as GED preparation classes at Coastal and Cape Fear Community College until mid 1996.
    "Students thought my spending an entire semester at UNCW diagramming sentences was really weird -- especially the fact that I enjoyed it." In 1997, Betty moved to Texas where she was a Technical Writer in Human Resources Information Technology, Department of Criminal Justice in Huntsville and also worked part-time teaching English as a Second Language. In 2000, Betty took a training position in south Texas with the University of Texas Medical Branch, which provided medical services for the prison system.
    "The sirens of the saltwater were calling me." She eventually became administrative assistant to the former Dean of the Nursing School at UTMB in Galveston, helping with lesson plans for online classes as well as assisting in editing articles for the Alternative Medicine Journal. In 2004, Betty became Managing Editor for the Journal of the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs, helping authors structure their articles and assisting foreign researchers in refining their written English.
    "This was truly the culmination of all my career objectives. … I met and worked with some of the most brilliant and famous medical researchers of our time." When Betty arrived on the scene, the journal consisted of eight cardboard boxes of materials and a limited Microsoft Access database. The team moved the journal into the 21st century, and the organization now has 800 members. "I have always loved the semicolon."

    Lisa Mincey Ware

    Lisa Mincey Ware worked in the English department as a graduate assistant while getting her master's in 1998, and she produced the very first issue of Tidelines in 1997. She also worked with Philip Gerard as his assistant during the inaugural year of the M.F.A. program.

    "It was an exciting time to be in the English department."

    In 1999, she married John M. Ware ('97 M.A.), and they moved to Chapel Hill while he pursued a doctorate in English at UNC. In 2006, they moved to Spartanburg, S.C., and now both work at Wofford College. John is Associate Professor of English at Wofford, and Lisa is Marketing Director for The Space at Wofford College.

    "We feel fortunate to have landed in such a terrific school, but we miss Wilmington!"

    They have no children, "but our three dogs and one crazy cat keep life interesting. I keep in regular contact with Dr. Keith Newlin, who was my thesis advisor and the person who introduced me to web design.

    Go Seahawks!"

      Lisa Mincey Ware - Click for larger image * Lisa Mincey Ware - Click for larger image * Lisa Mincey Ware - Click for larger image

    Kristy Elizabeth Wooten

    Kristy Elizabeth Wooten taught high school for one year and then went back to UNCW in 1994 to get her master's in English. After graduating in 1998, she began teaching English composition and literature at a local community college and have been there for the past 15 years. " I have two wonderful children, Wyatt and Jackson.

    Kristy Elizabeth Wooten - Click for larger image
  • 1991
    Joy Hewett

    Joy Hewett is retired but was in the first class to graduate with a Masters in English in December 1991 and finished in time to teach at UNC in the spring of 1992. She also has a masters in Creative Writing and just finished her first novel.

      Joy Hewett - Click for larger image * Joy Hewett - Click for larger image

    Laura Barbee Jacobs

    Laura Barbee Jacobs teaches English at Chapel Hill High School and is licensed in secondary English and ESL.
    Laura is married and has two beautiful boys: Hagan, 9, and Everett, 8, as of December 2013.

      Laura Barbee Jacobs - Click for larger image

    Gena G. Winstead

    Gena G. Winstead is a real estate broker for Intracoastal Realty Corporation in Wilmington and volunteers for several charities, including the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association. She has also swung a hammer at a Habitat For Humanity house, been a volunteer mentor at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher, English/grammar tutor for the Communities In Schools PaSS program, runway model for a Domestic Violence Shelter fundraiser, played Lucille Ball at the MDA gala and performed onstage at Thalian Hall for two Carousel Center fundraisers.
    "I got over my fears of water and heights on the same day on an adventure tour in Costa Rica and would jump back on that zipline right now and the next time go head first down the river while whitewater tubing." She spent four years in New Orleans (pre-Katrina) "where I learned that nothing surprises me. Except when I'm able to break 100 playing golf."

    Gena Winstead - Click for larger image
  • 1989
    Jonathan Scott Nunn

    Jonathan Scott Nunn is a copy editor, page designer and columnist for The Wilmington StarNews. He writes a local history column based on old StarNews clippings called Back Then. "I do my research at Randall Library, so 20 years later I still spend time at UNCW. The campus certainly has changed."

    He is married to Cece Nunn, also an editor and writer at the StarNews, and they have two daughters with English major names -- Isabelle Eudora, 3, and Flannery Elizabeth, 1.

  • 1987
    Jill Hobbs Blythe

    Jill Hobbs Blythe also received a master's in English in 1992 from UNC-Charlotte. She taught high school English for 15 years in Union, Mecklenburg and Wake counties and is now an Adjunct Professor of English at Meredith College in Raleigh, where she has have taught since 2006.

    "Teaching is my passion, and I can't really imagine myself doing anything else!"

    "I fondly remember Dr. Wentworth's classes, from British Writers to Beat Generation Poets. (As my students past and present recite their Chaucer lines in Middle English, I still hear his voice! And I will never forget his echoes of"go" and "howl"). I also fondly remember Dr. Schweninger as a new and "preppy" professor - so long ago- who gave the hardest tests in those Blue Books. When I made a good grade in his class, I knew I'd really done something! Dr. Walker was an outstanding model for making Shakespeare come alive for students. I still have Dr. Veit's grammar text (the one that he wrote), and I have pulled it off of my shelf many times to help students see another way of "breaking down" English grammar. And it was Dr. Tom MacLennonwho taught me that my inner writing voice matters to people other than myself."

    Jill lives in rural Chatham County with my husband, Jeff, and their daughters, Emma, ,9, and Maie, 6. "I just lived through what I now call my 'Barbara Kingsolver summer,' as we wereharvesting muchof our own produce and raising chickens for the first time. Next summer promises to be a much bigger production, so please let me know if you have any tips or insights!"

  • 1986
    Dr. Ben Thigpen

    Dr. Ben Thigpen is the Executive Director of Student Support Services, Athletics and Policy for Duplin County Schools. Dr. Thigpen has been employed with Duplin County Schools since 1989 and has served as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, director over the 24 years with the school system.

    Dr. Thigpen was a North Carolina Principal Fellow in 2000 at NC State University and completed his Ed. D. in Educational Leadership at NC State in 2011.

    Dr. Ben Thigpen - Click for larger image
  • 1985
    Beth Gandy Cassidy

    Beth Gandy Cassidy lives in Mocksville and married Todd Cassidy '86 in 1988. They have two children, Sam, 17, and Katie, 13. Beth has worked as a journalist off and on for the past 18 years, for the same two newspapers, the Davie County Enterprise Record and the Clemmons Courier, and has won several N.C. Press Association and Women's Press awards. Their home is 20 rambling acres with a second home in the North Carolina mountains. "I think often about Dr. Stokes, Dr. Clifford and Dr. Seiple, my three favorite UNCW teachers, but especially Dr. Stokes, with whom I had many enjoyable classes, and who always encouraged me to write, write, write."

    William Kyle Hodge

    William Kyle Hodge has lived in Apex, N.C., since graduation, and worked for UNC Healthcare as a Clinic Manager in Heart and Vascular Care. With his daughters, he stays active at Apex High School. His oldest daughter, Brittany, attended UNCW and his youngest, Lindsay, is a junior at Apex and has UNCW on her radar.

    "We never fail to take a quick trip to Wrightsville and always stop on campus to look around or visit the book store. I've kept writing, mainly op-ed articles, sports articles or (hopefully) Inspirational themes.I am always so appreciative of the fine professors who influenced me and challenged me to reach for success. My diploma is proudly framed on my wall, and I remain always at heart, a Seahawk!"

    William Kyle Hodge - Click for larger image
  • 1984
    Chip Hackler

    Chip Hackler is an Assistant Professor in the Film Studies Department at UNCW. His films include Two Hours in the Dark, inspired by events in the life of director Frank Capra; Dawn Patrol, a surf story; and Cathedral, based on the short story by Raymond Carver (Hackler was introduced to Carver's work by UNCW English professor, John Clifford). Hackler has free-lanced in the film industry for many years. Credits include: Interview With the Vampire, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The Adventures of Elmo In Grouchland, and many others. He is married to Mandy Hackler (Mandy Chafin, B.A. in Elementary Education, UNCW '96), and they have a daughter, Palmer, age 5 (as of Dec. 2010).

      Chip Hackler - Click for larger image
  • 1983
    Deborrah  Lynn (Newton) Cox

    Deborrah Lynn (Newton) Cox was President of the English Club when she was at UNCW and took a directed study under Professor Walker on Milton/Shakespeare. 
    Deborrah is a Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, Federal and State, and practice law in Raleigh in Newton Law (my solo practice office) since 2003.  She is a criminal trial lawyer in federal and state court, a CJA Panel attorney in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and a Member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court. Deborrah graduated law school from Campbell University in 1999, clerked for the Honorable [now Chief] Justice Mark D. Martin, and served three years at the North Carolina Department of Justice Attorney General's Office.
    "I married a UNCW alumnus during my senior year at UNCW, Lee Cox, and we have two children, Brittany and Christian.
    Brittany graduated UNCW with a dual degree in Theatre and History, and married a classmate, Ryan Ricks in May 2016, and they live in Seattle, Washington. Chief Justice Martin performed the ceremony.  Christian is a musician and works as an investigator in Deborrah's law office in Raleigh.

      Deborrah Newton - Click for larger image * Deborrah Lynn Newton Cox - Click for larger image * Deborrah Lynn Newton Cox - Click for larger image * Deborrah Lynn Newton Cox - Click for larger image

  • 1982
    Emily Ann Dotson

    Emily Ann Dotson is at the University of Kentucky in the last stages of her Ph.D. dissertation on food and dining in Victorian novels. She holds an M.A. in English from Murray State University and graduate certification in both social theory and women's studies from the University of Kentucky. She is the assistant director of The Writing Initiative, the office that facilitates the University of Kentucky Writing in the Disciplines program. She fondly remembers Dr. Mike Wentworth, whose inspiring teaching led her to a love of British literature, and Agnes McDonald, whose support and encouragement gave her the confidence to pursue that path.

    Jennifer Gaugler (Wilson)

    Jennifer Gaugler (Wilson) was a personnel officer in the Air Force for seven years, serving in Guam, Alabama and Virginia. "I am married to a Navy helicopter pilot, Ted, and have two children Connor, 11, and McKenna, 2. We currently live in Guam (again). I'm now a stay-at-home mom working on a master's degree in human relations from the University of Oklahoma. We love to dive and travel. We've been to Palau, Australia, the Caicos, Belize, Cozumel, Honduras, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg in the last couple of years."

      Jennifer Gaugler (Wilson) - Click for larger imageJennifer Gaugler (Wilson) - Click for larger image * Jennifer Gaugler (Wilson) - Click for larger image
  • 1981
    Drew Allison

    Drew Allison uses his English and theater training from UNCW in his work as a professional puppeteer. He has a company called Grey Seal Puppets ( The photo on the left is from a performance in November 2012 with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra.

    "I remember the English Dept professors so well. They really turned my life around. Dr. Collier, Dr. Veit, Dr. Seiple, Dr. Byington and no one more so than Dr. John Clifford. .... He was an amazing teacher and completely changed my approach to writing and really to life."

      Drew Allison - Click for larger image

    Alisa (Lisa) Bryant

    Alisa (Lisa) Bryant, or to some, LB, worked in the cafeteria while at UNCW for PFM, the food management company that contracted the food service at that time. After graduating she worked for 10 years for the company at different schools throughout the North and Southeast. She is now in South Florida, where she has lived for the past 15-20 years. In 1989, she went back to school and graduated with a nursing degree in 1991, and is practicing in West Palm Beach. Her two sons are 13 and 15, and one hopes to be a Gator football player. Her husband is a firefighter for Palm Beach County, and she is interim director of the Emergency Department at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach.
    "Thank you for the opportunity to share this information with you and the English department at UNCW as those were some great years of my life. … If I were ever to move back to North Carolina, Wilmington would be my choice."

    Linda Curtis

    Linda Curtis lives in Fuquay-Varina, N.C., and works for a non-profit in Apex. She also hones her English skills as an "audio describer" for Arts Access Inc. of Raleigh. She has traveled to Australia, New Zealand, China and Cuba. "I love travel and hiking-my photo is a hiking trip in western N.C., but I've also hiked portions of the Great Wall."

      Linda Curtis - Click for larger image
  • 1979
    Richard Long

    Richard Long is an associate professor of English at St. Louis Community College, where he teaches creative writing, poetry and environmental literature. During the school year, he runs long distances. In the summer, he tours the country, self supported, on his bicycle. Long edits and publishes 2River (, ranked by Web del Sol in its list of Top 50 Literary Magazines and Metazines.

      Richard Long - Click for larger image
  • 1977
    Linda S. Tucker (Houghton)

    Linda S. Tucker (Houghton) has been principal of the Jared Eliot Middle School in Clinton, Conn., for six years. She has a master's degree from Wesleyan University and a sixth-year degree in Educational Administration from the University of Connecticut. She has been in education for 26 years as a teacher, department chair, assistant principal and principal. She has been married for 28 years to Scot Tucker, and they have one daughter, Pamela Maree, who is a freshman pre-med student at Duke University. They live in Westbrook, Conn., and have a yellow lab named Aubrey. If anyone would like to reach her, please e-mail

  • 1974
    Judge John M.Tyson

    Judge John M. Tyson currently serves as a statewide elected Judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. He previously was elected to serve a full term on the court from 2001 until 2009. He was appointed by the Governor and continued to serve as a Recall Judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals and as an Emergency Superior Court Judge from 2009 into 2013.
    North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory appointed Judge Tyson as Chairman of the North Carolina State Ethics Commission, where he served until becoming a candidate for the Court of Appeals in 2014. The Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, (now U.S. Senator) Thom Tillis, nominated Judge Tyson to the State Ethics Commission. He was confirmed by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2012. Judge Tyson also previously served as an appointed member of the North Carolina Property Tax Commission, and was elected by his peers as Vice Chairman and Chairman of both the Cumberland County Joint Planning Board and the Cumberland Soil and Water Conservation District.

    Judge Tyson currently teaches law at Campbell University’s Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law since 1987. Judge Tyson also serves as a frequent continuing legal education author and presenter, having published numerous scholarly law review and journal articles and presented thirty-nine comprehensive legal education manuscripts and seminars.

    As a consistent advocate of life long learning, Judge Tyson earned a Master of Laws in Judicial Process (LL.M.) from the University of Virginia School of Law (2004); a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Duke University (1988); a Juris Doctor (J.D.) with honors from Campbell University School of Law (1979--Member of the Charter Class); and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English and Secondary Education from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (1974).

    Judge Tyson earned the designation of Board Certified Specialist--Real Property Law--Business, Commercial, and Industrial Transactions by the North Carolina State Bar in 2001 (re-certified in 2007 & 2012), and is the only North Carolina judge so certified. The North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization honored Judge Tyson with the 2013 James E. Cross, Jr. Leadership Award “in recognition of outstanding leadership as a Board Certified Specialist in Real Property Law.” Also, the North Carolina Bar Association, the Cumberland County Bar Association & 12th Judicial District Bar presented Judge Tyson with the 2013 Centennial Award, for “Outstanding and Exemplary Community Service."

    Judge Tyson is admitted to practice before and is a member of the North Carolina and Virginia State Bars, the United States Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals and United States District Court bars. He holds the highest AV Pre-Eminent peer reviewed rating from Martindale Hubbell–Lexis/Nexis. He also serves as a Federal and State Certified Mediator and Arbitrator.

    Judge Tyson’s more than thirty-seven years of other professional experience includes the private practice of law, senior level corporate real estate development and counsel positions with three national corporations, and service as a North Carolina Probation/Parole Officer and Public School Teacher. He is married to his wife, Kirby, since 1975. They are proud parents of four children and four grandchildren.

      Judge John M. Tyson - Click for larger image

    Linda Patton Nance

    Linda Patton Nance is a certified wedding planner and has written a book for brides: Planning a Traditional Wedding and a book for wedding coordinators, A Handbook for Wedding Coordinators. In addition to those books, she has had a number of magazine articles published. "I enjoy writing anything that will preserve history for generations to come. Most of these have been memoirs about our families and my personal life (not for publication, but to preserve memories for our family)"

    Linda has been married to Charles Lee Nance (a retired Orthopaedic surgeon) for more than 50 years. "We have two married children who each have our most beautiful granddaughters who range in age from 14 to 17 years."

    "Life has always been exciting for me with never a moment to become bored"

    "I have always been glad that I majored in English, for it has put me in good stead with everything that I've done since graduation."

      Linda Patton Nance - Click for larger image
  • 1973
    Ken C. Keffer

    Ken C. Keffer graduated in French and English and earned his master's and doctorate at Chapel Hill by 1980 -- in French and German.

    Ken has been teaching French, German, Humanities and Art of Walking at Centre College, Danville, Ky., since 1979, and is now in his 35th year as of 2013.

    "I've written on Montaigne (translated into French as Montaigne Forever, in English as Publication History of the Rival Transcriptions of Montaigne's Essais), founded Centre's program in Strasbourg and have committed to the study of Kant and--more recently and more gravely--Heidegger. I have taught Shakespeare and Montaigne in London on two occasions and corresponded recently with Sarah Bakewell about her book, How to Live, a Life of Montaigne."

    Ken holds the Stodghill Chair of French and German at Centre College (

    "I loved studying at UNCW. It was even better as Wilmington College."

      Ken C. Keffer - Click for larger image

    Patricia Slomanski

    Patricia Slomanski went back to UNCW after earning an English degree and, in 1990, went back for a music degree. "Dr. Sherrill Martin was my primary instructor and an inspiration for all that I have done since I finished."

    "I graduated in 1992. My family and I moved to Richmond, Virginia where I attended Presbyterian School of Christian Education and earned a Master of Arts in Christian Education. I then went on to Union Theological Seminary where I earned a Master of Divinity. I have been a Minister of Word and Sacrament since 2001. This past May was very exciting. I completed my Doctor of Ministry at Columbia Seminary. Both my practicum and thesis were based on music:

    BIBLE STUDY: "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing: God's Gift of Song" (In it I traced the evolution of 'song' from the Bible to the present day. It is a six-week study.

    THESIS: "The Power of Sung Theology: Encountering God Through Congregational Singing"

    This has been published and is in the Columbia Library."

    "I am very sad to report that my beloved Hank, who encouraged me so much when I was earning my music degree, went home to be with the Lord in 2000. I miss him terribly, but his legacy lives on. My son graduated from William & Mary and then went on to Campbell University where he earned a Master's Degree in Education. He is teaching at the Williamsburg Christian Academy, after five years at Cardinal Gibbons in Raleigh. He has given me three grandchildren. My daughter and her husband live in Richmond, Va. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and is now working on another degree in nursing. (I guess they are professional students like their mother.)"

    "Right now I am the part-time Associate Minister and Music Assistant at Wallace United Methodist Church. I am, however, seeking a full-time position as a teacher and/or professor. I have been certified in seven areas, and so hopefully I will find something within the public schools or the community college system."

    " I am so proud of UNCW - especially the music department. When I was there, we were in little Kenan. What a beautiful facility you now have! May God bless all of those who are teaching the beautiful art (and gift from God) of music.

  • 1972
    J. Eddie Boylan

    J. Eddie Boylan just got back from West Africa where he was involved in a two-and-a-half month ( August-October) educational project, teaching literacy to those who were non/semi-literate.
    He trained medical personnel in the Epic System of electronic medical records for 3.5 years (January ' 06 - May' 09) for Kaiser Permanente in Southern California.

  • 1966
    Jack Loftus

    Jack Loftus graduated from Wilmington College when it was only three buildings. After the Army, he moved to Atlanta to work for United Press International, a news wire service, where he met his wife, Beth. In 1970, he moved to Washington, D.C., as a reporter for a television trade publication, covering Congress, and the couple's first daughter, Rachel, was born. After that, his career included CBS, Madison Square Garden and Nielsen Media Research (the TV ratings company), all in New York. A second daughter, Clare, arrived. The family lived in Scarsdale, N.Y., for almost 18 years, and during that time he became a volunteer firefighter for the community. After 19 years at Nielsen, he retired in 2008 as SVP and chief communications officer, and now is back in Atlanta with Beth, their two daughters and grandchildren. "When I'm not playing tennis (which is most of the time), I am with the grandchildren while the parents go shopping or whatever." Jack would like to share his e-mail address: "I hope everyone is remarkably well and happy. I wish my classmates much joy."

    As of December 2013, Jack now has 5 grandchildren, with the arrival 7 months ago of Adam and Austin to the older daughter, Rachel. With his younger daughter, Clare, who has three children - Joseph (11), Jane (9) and Drew (she is 7). Jack now has 5 wonderful Grandchildren.

    "Babysitting is The Thing to do.