Engineering Expectations

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Engineering Expectations is an innovative program at UNCW that teaches elementary and middle school students problem-solving skills by giving them unique engineering challenges to solve. Students not only learn science and engineering but also communication skills, creativity, optimism, collaborations, and tenacity. Through experiential learning, students take home the knowledge and confidence they gained through our program and sometimes even a small project they built themselves! Join us on Saturdays as your child gains skills through unique programs they can find nowhere else!

Spring Programs

Semester Theme – Innovative Technology

Our Spring 2018 Programs will be focused on introducing a different engineering related innovative technology each month to explore and focus the student’s interest. Our participants will apply their science and math knowledge to solve real world engineering problems in a fun, educational, and enjoyable environment. By the end of each program, the students will be empowered to think creatively like an engineer and understand the benefit of relevant innovative solutions.

  • 1:00-4:30pm (please send snack and/or drink)
  • Price: $115 for the series, $28 per individual program
  • Location: New Modular Building off of MacMillan Ave

3D Printer

Inventive Infrastructure

  • January 13th, Ages 6-7, 8-9
  • January 20th, Ages 10-11, 12-14

Did you know that drones are a popular and economical option to monitor the productivity and safety of construction sites? Or that 3D modeling has improved infrastructure designs and reduced construction cost and time? Join us as we explore various technologies used to improve construction related operations. Students will get to tour our new building’s construction site, use our Vernier material tester, and learn how to draft 3D infrastructures.

Multicolored Atom

Reactive Radiation

  • February 17th, Ages 6-7, 8-9
  • February 24th, Ages 10-11, 12-14

Nuclear energy is a sustainable energy source that easily produces more energy than coal, oil, and natural gases. Unfortunately, the process used to produce nuclear power releases harmful waste. In this month’s program, students will be challenged to develop a process that safely transport materials and to design a device that detects radiation. They will get to test and improve both their process and device to make sure they are engineered for success.


Slam Dunk STEM

  • March 10th, Ages 6-7, 8-9
  • March 24th, Ages 10-11, 12-14

In celebration of March Madness, we have developed competitive and engaging programs to teach students about various ways that engineering has influenced the sport of basketball. Our younger students will first explore the material properties of basketballs, and then use the engineering design cycle to successfully construct one. Our older students will be challenged to apply their knowledge of projectile motion in several computer programming and robotics activities.

Microphone and computer

Making Masterful Melodies

  • April 7th, Ages 6-7, 8-9
  • April 21st, Ages 10-11, 12-14

Since ancient times, music has been an important part of human culture. Advances in technology have allowed engineers to transform the way that music is created and experienced. Join us this month, as we expose students to existing music technology and challenge them with several creative and exciting engineering design challenges.


Technical Textiles

  • May 12th, Ages 6-7, 8-9
  • May 19th, Ages 10-11, 12-14

Did you know that fashion designers are not the only ones who work with textiles? Textile engineers use the mechanical and chemical performance of textiles for various industrial purposes such as water filtration and electrical conductivity. In this month’s program, students will explore the technical properties of various textiles and apply their knowledge to several related engineering challenges.

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