Engineering Expectations

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Welcome to Engineering Expectations school programs, Engineering On-The-Go! Incorporate engineering in your classroom through hands-on activities that are based on state and national education standards. We bring engineering expertise, materials, and lessons to engage your students by putting the “E” in STEM.

Our lessons reinforce STEM learning by allowing the students to learn through creative problem solving.

We provide opportunities for your students to learn from a professional engineer who makes engineering relevant and fun! Pricing is based on three full hours of instruction and hands-on experiential learning for schools in the Wilmington area. Individual pricing may vary based on distance, program length, and number of students.

Program Reservations

School programs are offered from September to May. To make a school reservation or to reserve a program date, please complete the Program Reservation Request Form (submission of form does not guarantee date is available). After submitting your program form, please follow-up with an e-mail or by phone to verify that it has been received or (910) 962-7137.

Note that prices, content, dates, and times are subject to change without notice. Questions? Call (910) 962-7137 or send an e-mail to