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Extraordinary People: The A-mazing Duo

Congratulations to Kathy Ibbotson; K-12 Engineering Director and Jasmine Gaston; K-12 Engineering Associate on their great "Extraordinary People" Profile on WWAY3! Engaging minds through Engineering and Technology everyday!

Apollo 13 Pandemic Challenge

Are ready to take on the Apollo 13 Pandemic Challenge?

UNCW Engineering Expectations is challenging you to be innovative just like the astronauts from Apollo 13. We want you to use materials in your home along with the engineering design cycle to create a prototype face mask that minimizes liquids, pollen, and bacteria from getting to your nose and mouth.

Download our Apollo 13 Pandemic Challenge, Upload your design, tag @UNCWEngieeringExpectations, and we will repost your creations.

*The CDC and WHO advise that healthy people do not wear masks unless they are taking care of someone who may have COVID-19. This video is intended for general education and informational purpose only and should not be relied upon for medical advice. Additionally, the protection provided by homemade masks is unknown. The latest information on COVID-19 can be obtained at