FREED (Fragility, Resilience, and Engaged Education in Democracy) 

We are excited to invite applications for our FREED grant Project Director and Faculty Development Team. The FREED project has been funded by the Teagle Foundation. The Project Director will lead all project implementation efforts. The Faculty Development Team in collaboration with the Project Director, will facilitate all project implementation efforts.  Please be sure that you have reviewed the project details below prior to applying. Also note that you need to discuss with your immediate supervisor prior to applying.
 Project Director ApplicationFaculty Development Team Application

Teagle Implementation Grant Documentation

Submitted by April 2022 by Dr. Jeanine Mingé, Dr. Donyell Roseboro and Dr. James Winebrake

  • Introduction and Purpose
  • Background: 1897 and 1898
  • Accomplishments in the Planning Process
  • Implementing the Vision - Scaffolding Experiences
  • Project Timeline
  • Budget and Budget Narrative
  • Conclusion: Teaching Toward Transformation