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Customized Training

In partnership with UNCW faculty, as well as industry experts, Continuing & Professional Education (CPE) develops and delivers customized training programs to meet the needs of a wide-range of organizations, including government agencies and the military.  Programs are designed to improve organizational communication, employee performance and leadership capabilities. 


Leadership Academy: The UNCW Leadership Academy is a multi-hour training program provided by CPE for organizational employees who are in leadership roles, or who aspire to be in leadership roles.  The training is provided by UNCW faculty and includes such topics as ethics and accountability, leadership and self-assessment, emotional intelligence, cultural awareness, effective oral, written, and electronic communication, finance and budgeting, conflict management and negotiation, strategic planning, customer service, HR Management, change management, and process improvement.  This program is customized to the needs of the organization and can be offered at your facility.

Interpreter Training Course:  Intensive 12-hour interpreter training course for employees and contractors.  This course is intended for those individuals who serve a primary function other than that of interpreter.  It is ideal for individuals whose current job responsibilities, bilingual ability, and bicultural understanding lend themselves to performing the duties of an ad-hoc or dual-role interpreter.  This course may also serve as an introduction for individuals seeking to pursue North Carolina State Interpreter Certification.

Legal/Medical Terminology in Spanish:  These courses are designed to provide Spanish Interpreters the skills needed to interpret in settings that require advanced legal and medical terminology.

Self-Care for First Responders:  This course is designed to help individuals and organizations who serve as first-responders to incorporate self-care into their everyday lives.  Topics include stress management and burnout prevention, self-awareness, and developing a self-care plan.

Emotional Intelligence Concepts for Leaders:  This half- or full-day workshop introduces leaders to key EI concepts using the 360 Assessment.  Leaders receive a summarized assessment of their own competencies as well as an analysis of the competencies of the group.  Direction is provided on leveraging strengths in strategic planning and implementation. Individuals will learn to manage expectations using a methodology that promotes mutual accountability and performance achievement.

Improving Communications with Forte:  This interactive workshop will take participants through understanding and applying their Forte profiles.  The session will foster understandings that empower participants to co-create a collaborative work environment that fosters greater trust and rapport with colleagues, clients and anyone else who walks through the door!  Participants will be able to take the session content and use it to begin addressing the key concerns of each participant in the room.  The insights and skills learned in this workshop are immediately applicable to any environment where communication is important. 

Fish! Philosophy: Issues such as attitude and accountability make or break an organization. FISH! inspires people to realize they have the power to make an incredible difference for their customers, coworkers—and everyone in their lives. FISH! helps you improve any culture issue—morale, teamwork, engagement, motivation, customer service, retention and change.  Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion and a positive attitude with them each day — an environment in which people are truly connected to their work, their colleagues and their customers.  FISH!® is a tool to help lead people toward creating this environment.

Certified Trainer Program:  This program is designed as a train-the-trainer program for military instructors and is taught by Watson College of Education and Communication Studies faculty.  Courses include Effective Teaching Seminar, Evaluation of Testing, Case Study Method, Design and Delivery of Instructor Led Training, and Mentoring and Monitoring of Instructors.  Military instructors who complete this program receive a Master Instructor Certification.


Focus Group Facilitation

Retreat/Strategic Planning Facilitation

Contact Diane Badakhsh at badakhshd@uncw.edu for additional information on how CPE can develop a customized training program for your organization.