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Sabrina Cherry Photo

Dr. Sabrina Cherry, Interim Director and Architect

Dr. Sabrina T. Cherry's professional experience includes two decades of working and volunteering in the field of Public Health, including serving as United States Peace Corps Volunteer in The Gambia, West Africa. As an Assistant Professor at UNC Wilmington, her work focuses on the intersection of religion and health; narrative and other forms of qualitative research; and eliminating health disparities by increasing health equity. She has won multiple awards for her research and service including the 2018 National Economic Development Award, the Distinguished Scholarly Engagement and Public Service Award, and the 2020 Franklin H. Williams Award.

Reddgo Long, Jr Pic

Reddgo Long, Jr., Program Coordinator

Reddgo Long, Jr., brings a wealth of experience to the role of Program Coordinator, from developing community partnerships, managing programs and events, and engaging volunteers to coordinating communication and resource development efforts. Having worked in the nonprofit sector for the past 4 years, he serves as CEO and Executive Director of The A.C.T.S. Movement Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization located in Wilmington, North Carolina, dedicated to providing relief to families in need while encouraging community cohesiveness and building partnerships with businesses, churches, and non-governmental agencies.

In his most recent role, he was an Outreach Coordinator with a public charter school in Wilmington, where he created strategic partnerships with community organizations, managed federal grants, and acted as a liaison for the organization. He holds a seat on the board of the New Hanover County/City of Wilmington Community Relations Advisory Committee and serves as the 3rd Vice President of the NAACP New Hanover County branch.

As an alumnus of UNCW, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sports Leadership & Tourism Management, holds a Master of Education in Higher Education - Educational Leadership from Liberty University, and is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi. 

Emmanuel Mitcham

Emmanuel Mitcham, Marketing and Communications Specialist

Emmanuel Mitcham supports QENO in his role as Marketing and Communications Specialist for UNCW Community Engagement. He assists in developing and managing branding for events as well as creating graphics for marketing materials. Emmanuel has strong background in higher education, diversity and healthcare marketing. He is very passionate about his work, both personally and professionally. He has a history of providing assistance to non-profit organizations and individuals in the Wilmington community.

David Smith

David Smith, Grant Writer

David Smith is a career writer (creative, business, grant writing) with extensive background in nonprofit program management and evaluation.