Community Engagement Advisory Board

The UNCW Community Engagement Advisory Board is a representative advisory committee of faculty, staff, students, and community representatives that assist with coordinating and developing policies and procedures to facilitate engagement. The Advisory Board also selects small community engagement seed grant recipients, recognizes and rewards outstanding engagement activities, supports volunteerism and community service, and identifies signature projects for the university to pursue.

Members were nominated and appointed by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement for a 2-calendar year term. The Board meets 3 times a year.

Current Advisory Board Members

Member Institutional Affiliation Subcommittee
Jermaine Armour Religious Community Volunteerism & Outreach
Diane Badakhsh Director, Continued & Professional Education Chancellor's Strategic Plan
April Bice CHHS Faculty Engaged Scholarship
Jess Boersma* Director of ETEAL Engaged Learning
Kristin Bolton CHHS, Social Work Faculty Recognize & Reward
Amanda Boomershine Humanities Faculty Engaged Learning
Jeff Brudney Social Sciences Faculty Volunteerism Outreach
Natasha Davis* Director, QENO Signature Partnerships
Kristen DeVall Social Sciences Faculty Monitoring & Assessment
Diane Durance Director, CIE Chancellor's Strategic Plan
Clyde Edgerton Arts Faculty Recognize & Reward
Matt Eshleman Humanities Faculty Engaged Scholarship
Ed Graham CSB Faculty Volunteerism & Outreach
Victoria Hansen CSB Faculty Signature Partnerships
Jeff Hill Natural Sciences Faculty

Signature Partnerships

Amelia Huelskamp CHHS Faculty Engaged Scholarship
Bill Kawczynski Director, Military Affairs Recognize & Reward
Scot Kelly Graduate Student
Chris Lantz* CHHS, Interim Associate Dean Engaged Learning
Jacqueline Lee CHHS Faculty Engaged Scholarship
Lindsey Leroy Advancement, Alumni Relations Recognize & Reward
Laura Lunsford SWAIN Center Chancellor's Strategic Plan
Andy Mauk* Associate Provost, Institutional Research & Planning Monitoring & Assessment
Jennifer McCall CHHS Faculty Engaged Scholarship
Ottilie Mensah SGA President Engaged Learning
Kate Montwieler Institutional Diversity & Inclusion Engaged Learning
Shelley Morse Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Chancellor's Strategic Plan
Molly Nece Human Resources Volunteerism & Outreach
Rick Olsen* Humanities Faculty Signature Partnerships
Thom Rakes Director, Career Center Engaged Learning
Justine Reel* CHHS, Associate Dean Engaged Scholarship
Fidias Reyes* Office of the Arts Volunteerism & Outreach
Janna Robertson WCE Faculty Recognize & Reward
Jaime Russell* Director, Student Leadership & Engagement Volunteerism & Outreach
Andy Ryder WCE Faculty Monitoring & Assessment
Steve Schnitzler Greater Wilmington Business Community, Port City Java Engaged Learning
Karen Shafer Community Member & UNCW Alum Engaged Learning
Roger Shew Natural Sciences Faculty Engaged Scholarship
Mark Sorensen Arts Faculty Member Engaged Scholarship
Helena Spencer Arts Faculty Member Engaged Scholarship
Adrianne Swinney Athletics Chancellor's Strategic Plan
Tuffana Thomas New Hanover County Public Schools Strategic Partnerships
Pam Toll Arts Faculty Member Engaged Learning
Yasmin Tomkinson Greater Wilmington Nonprofit Community, Cape Fear Literacy Council Volunteerism & Outreach
Andrea Weaver University Relations Volunteerism & Outreach
Michael Wilhelm International Programs Chancellor's Strategic Plan
Public Government Official

*Subcommittee chairs and co-chairs.