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How do I enroll?

Login to MySeaport:  https://myseaport.uncw.edu


  • Click the My Seaport at the top of the home page 
  • Click on the Employee Essentials block, scroll down to Training Resources, and Targed Training Sites.  Select Environmental Health & Safety - Learn through UNCW EH&S Vivid Learning Access 



  • Click the MySeaport tab at the top of the home page  
  • Click on the Students tab.  Scroll down.  Under Student Resources click on Environmental Health & Safety Training - Vivid 

Please contact David Todd, 910-962-4287 or email toddd@uncw.edu if you are having difficulties with the VIVID system.

Click "Acknowledge" on Welcome screen

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Click "Enroll in New Course" on right-hand side of page.


One of the keys to providing a safe and healthy workplace is adequate training for faculty, staff and students. It is essential that members of the Seahawk community understand, and know how to properly address, the hazards they may encounter through the course of their typical activities on campus. While EH&S offers a variety of in-person training sessions to meet federal and state occupational safety and health regulations, we understand that faculty, staff and students often need the flexible options to fit within their schedules. EH&S now offers over 100 safety and environmental training classes via an online portal offered in partnership with Vivid Learning Solutions. This training is designed for all departments and employees, even those in teaching and administrative roles that don’t typically involve laboratory research, operation of heavy equipment, interaction with regulated chemicals, etc. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) mandate basic training in emergency response and proper fire extinguisher usage for every employee.  

Most of the courses require less than 30 minutes to complete, and participants have one year to complete them. An employee can print off or save certificates of completion, and EH&S recommends integrating them into the university’s Full Cycle Performance Management program. The online portal also includes many optional courses that can be utilized as additional professional development opportunities.  Since these courses are are web based, they can be completed at times when other campus services are not available, such as during an adverse weather event.

Access these online courses by logging onto MySeaport and clicking on the Administrative Services tab at any time. EH&S Vivid Learning Training is at the bottom of the list.  Please make sure to maximize the screen on your browser so that you can see the forward and back buttons. A summary sheet and FAQs are available to assist you with logging in and navigating the online portal.

The EH&S Vivid Learning Training portal also serves as a flexible and convenient option to provide students with training opportunities. Please contact EH&S to make arrangements to add students to the program for specific courses.  

We encourage your feedback and, if you would like for us to speak about this program at your staff meeting, we would welcome the opportunity. Please contact David Todd at toddd@uncw.edu for more information.