Environmental Health & Safety

Report an Incident

UNCW works very hard to make sure that our campus remains as free from hazards as possible and that our Campus Community is a safe place to live, work and learn.  When incidents occur, we want members of our community to receive the best care and return to healthy and productive lives as soon as possible.

The incident reporting infographic below describes where persons should go to receive care and how to report the incident.  Ensure that care is provided first, but also report the incident without delay.  EH&S relies on prompt reporting from the campus community to help us address concerns and prevent recurrence.

Remember, reporting any unsafe act or condition can be confidentially reported to EH&S without fear of breech of this confidentiality, or retribution from any person/unit on campus.

If you need us, please let us know by phone 910.962.3057 or email EH_S@uncw.edu.

Medical Emergency Infographic