Center for Assistive Technology

About Us

Sponsored by the Watson College of Education through funding provided by the United States Department of Education, this project focuses on the creation of a Center for Assistive Technology. The Center serves as a Lending Site for individuals with disabilities and those who provide education, therapy, intervention, and care for them. This facility is housed at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and offers materials and equipment currently available on the market, including some cutting edge materials.

In addition to the physical materials located at the Center for Assistive Technology, the center offers professional development for prospective and practicing educators, and care givers and community members who work with person of disabilities.

The aim of the Center for Assistive Technology is to provide an avenue for educating persons on the availability and use of assistive technologies that can provide the freedom and independence desperately sought by many persons who are faced with temporary or life long challenges due to their disabilities.