Earth and Ocean Sciences

Surface and Subsurface Hydrology

blue holeSeveral Earth and Ocean Sciences faculty members are engaged in studies of the atmospheric, surface, and subsurface components of the hydrologic cycle. Major emphases in this research group include groundwater hydrology of the Carolina Coastal Plain, hydrology and geomorphology of the lower Cape Fear River, and karst hydrology of tropical islands in the Caribbean. Geography and Geology students are involved in local field projects monitoring groundwater wells near the UNCW campus, water and sediment sampling in creeks, and investigating the effects of sea level rise and dredging activities on salt marshes. Other recent faculty projects have focused on stratigraphy and groundwater at the Savannah River Site, Georgia, floodplain sedimentation rates along the Upper Mississippi River, and spatial variability of rainfall on San Salvador Island, Bahamas.

Faculty Researching This Area Include:

Michael Benedetti, Ph.D. Doug Gamble, Ph.D. Lynn Leonard, Ph.D. Peter Zamora, Ph.D.
Benedetti Gamble Leonard zamora