Earth and Ocean Sciences

Basin Analysis and Paleontology

buttesThe Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences has an active and exciting program in basin analysis and opportunities for nearby research in a variety of settings: Triassic rift basins, Coastal Plain sediments of Cretaceous through Pleistocene age, Paleozoic sedimentary rocks of the Appalachians, and the modern coastal environment. Examples of recent projects include the study of factors controlling porosity and permeability, differentiation of eustasy from uplift/subsidence, ecology and evolution of shell-drilling naticid gastropod predators and their molluscan prey, Cretaceous through Miocene calcareous nanofossil biostratigraphy, Sr isotope stratigraphy, and seismic stratigraphic interpretation.

Faculty Researching This Area Include:

Patricia Kelley, Ph.D. Todd LaMaskin, Ph.D. Richard Laws, Ph.D.
Kelley LaMaskin Laws