Earth and Ocean Sciences

Dr. W. Burleigh Harris

Professor of Geology


Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of North Carolina Wilmington
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5944
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Ph.D University of North Carolina, 1975.

Courses that Dr. Harris teaches include: GLY 101 - Physical Geology, GLY 120 - Environmental Geology, GLY292 - Natural Disasters, GLY 431 - Stratigraphy, GLY 560 - Integrative Stratigraphy, and GLY 561 - Coastal Plains Geology.

Research Interests:
Dr. Harris' research is in sequence stratigraphy, including outcrops, cores and seismic reflection data. He is interested in the surface and subsurface spatial and temporal distribution of depositional sequences of the southeastern Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains, and differentiating the impact of eustasy from tectonism. Bill is also interested in geochronology and applies Rb-Sr and K-Ar dating of glauconite and Sr isotopes to elucidate sequence age. He is also currently the Principal Investigator on an NSF GK-12 Fellows Grant that supports seven science graduate students with stipends and cost of education allowances. Bill is also chair of the North Carolina Coalition, a group of university scientists and 12 state and federal agencies who are studying the relationship of geology to subsurface hydrology in the North Carolina Coastal Plain.