Earth and Ocean Sciences

Allan Upham

Graduate Student


Office: DeLoach 211A
Phone: 910-962-7000


UNC Wilmington; BS Environmental Sciences, BA Physics, Minor in Mathmatics, Certificate in GIS

Scott Nooner

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Research Interests:
Sedimentary basins are regions of the Earth where long-term subsidence creates accommodating space for infilling by continental and/or marine sediments. My research interests focus on the geotectonics of sedimentary basins, their formation, morphology, and the impacts of sea-level rise. I am currently working with Dr. Scott Nooner to understand the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta which comprises most of Bangladesh. My thesis work involves incorporating and analyzing approximately a decade's record of reported water levels, crustal subsidence, and global sea-level rise in order to calculate a more accurate measurement of sea-level rise in the area than currently exists. These results will be used to generate sea-level rise and hazard maps using a Geographical Information System (GIS).