Earth and Ocean Sciences

2009 Faculty and Student News

Posted 10/29/2009
Dr. Doug Gamble received the 2009 North Carolina Geographical Society Educator of the Year Award. The award recognizes outstanding service and commitment to geographic education in North Carolina.

Posted 10/28/2009

Gamble Chris Dumas & Doug Gamble met with Congressmen Mike McIntyre and Walter Jones, Senators Richard Burr and Kay Hagan, and their respective staff in Washington, DC on Oct. 22. The purpose of the meeting was to communicate results of recent studies on the potential impacts of climate change and sea level rise on coastal North Carolina.

Posted 10/5/2009
Lawrence Cahoon, Martin Posey, Thomas Lankford, Troy Alphin, biology and marine bio, and
Lynn Leonard were funded $4,457 from the NC Sea Grant for the project "Key Parameters for Assessing Beach Functionality."

Posted 9/21/09
Dr. Craig Tobias was awarded the The James F. Merritt Million Dollar Club award at the fall faculty meeting on September 3, 2009. The James F. Merritt Million Dollar Club recognizes those individuals who have secured external funding in excess of $1,000,000.

Posted 7/27/2009
Dr. Doug Gamble was funded $24,083 by the National Science Foundation for "Collaborative Research and RUI: Physical Mechanisms Behind the Caribbean Mid-Summer Drought."

Posted 7/27/2009
David Wells, CMS & Dr. Lynn Leonard, geography and geology, were funded $1,300 by the North Carolina Sea Grant for "Development and Testing of Fisheries Video Data Logger."

Posted 7/2/2009
Dr. Bongkeun Song, bio & marine bio & Dr. Craig Tobias, geography and geology, were funded $515,800 under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) for their project "Collaborative Research: ETBC: Implication of ANAMMOX Community Structure and Microbial Interactions in Estuarine N Removal Processes."

Posted 5/5/2009
Dr. Craig Tobias geography & geology,and were funded $18,938 from NC Sea Grant for "Nitrogen Removal Capacity of NC Estuaries: Assessing Distribution and Controls."

Posted 4/2/2009
Dr. Craig Tobias was funded $45,160 from the National Science Foundation for his project "Collaborative Research: Linking Hydrogeomorphology and Denitrification in the Tidal Freshwater Region of Coastal Streams."

Posted 3/2/2009
Dr. Craig Tobias was funded $25,000 from the National Science Foundation for his project "Collaborative Research: Benthic Microalgal Regulation of Carbon and Nitrogen Turnover in Land-margin Ecosystems: A Dual Stable Isotope Approach."

Posted 1/8/2009
Dr. William Harris received $5,000 by NC DENR for "Age Dating Using Strontium Isotopes."

Posted 1/8/2009
Dr. David Blake was funded $11,000 by NC DENR for "Geologic Mapping of the Northwestern Portion of the 7.5 Minute Quadrangle."